What is 14K Gold? 14K Gold Properties

Gold is a precious metal that is highly preferred by people both as jewelry and as an investment tool. Gold has a bright yellow color in its pure form and has been used for various purposes since ancient times. Thanks to its durability and easy processing, it is often preferred in jewelry. In addition, gold does not tarnish and rust because it is not affected by air and water. That's why too 14k gold jewelryWhen they are properly protected and the necessary maintenance is done, they retain their first day appearance.

The word 'carat' used in the jewelry industry indicates the purity of gold. Metals such as silver, copper, nickel mixed with gold affect the purity of gold, that is, its setting. This is also effective on the price of gold jewelry. 14 carat gold; It is used in many accessories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and is offered for sale at more affordable prices than jewelry of higher settings.

What is written on 14 carat gold?

Milyem values are written on gold jewelry. Milyem is the evaluation of the purity of gold out of 1000. For this evaluation, the amount of pure gold in the gold jewelry is divided by the total mass and multiplied by 1000. When you see the number 999 on a piece of jewelry, you can understand that it is 24 carat gold, when you see the number 916 it is 22 carat gold, when you see the number 750 it is 18 carat gold, and when you see the number 585 it is 14 carat gold. In addition, the settings of gold jewelry are sometimes indicated on the jewelry with the letter 'k', which is the abbreviation of karat. Instead of the milliyem value, you can see the phrase 24k for 24 carat gold, 22k for 22 carat gold, 18k for 18 carat gold, and 14k for 14 carat gold.

How Many Millions Is 14k Gold?

Milliem value of 14 carat gold; is 585.

What is the Difference Between 14k Gold and 22k Gold?

The carat, which indicates the purity of gold, causes differences between gold jewelry. The purity of 14 carat gold is 58.5% and its milliyem value is 585. The purity rate of 22 carat gold is 91.6% and its milliyem value is 916. Since the purity of gold jewelry is an important factor affecting the price, 14 carat gold jewelry is more affordable than 22 carat gold jewelry.

Things to Consider When Buying 14K Gold Jewelry

14 ayar altın takı alırken nelere dikkat edilir

14-karat gold is especially preferred for casual jewelry. When buying 14k gold jewelry, you should see the number 585 or the phrase 14k, because this value indicates the milliem value or carat of the jewelry. Having the stamp of the manufacturer or jeweler on the jewelry; Even if there is no stamp, the jewelry should be purchased from a trusted company or jeweler. It is also very important that the 14 carat gold jewelry you buy has the TSE certificate. If you ask how much 14 carat gold is, it depends on the workmanship rate of the jewelry you buy. It should also be noted that the future sales price may change depending on the workmanship rate of the jewelry you buy. When purchasing 14 carat jewelry, you should also get the invoice from the seller company. Thus, it will be easier to get service from the relevant company in case of need for repair or maintenance.

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