What is Gold Plated? How Is Gold Plated Made?

What is Gold Plated?

Gold-plated; It helps to protect the jewelry from external influences and prevents the jewelry from tarnishing. Gold plating used in men's and women's jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains; It is made for 8, 14 and 22 settings.

Gold-plated is preferred for more economical jewelry and has more affordable prices. Its value is not as high as gold, so it provides a golden appearance at more affordable prices. Thus, the jewelry looks as flashy as gold and the cost is cheaper.

What are the Features of Gold Plated Jewelry?

There are many methods for gold plating, which gives jewelry a stylish look. The most used gold plating method; is not immersed in water. The filling technique, which is performed by applying gold on the jewelry with the help of soldering or welding, is also a frequently preferred method of gold plating. In the rolling method, which is made by using a thin layer of gold, the jewelry is covered with a fixed thin layer. This technique is more cost-effective than other techniques and is therefore more preferred.

How to Tell Gold Plated?

It may not be clear at first glance whether the jewelry is gold or gold plated. The nitrite acid method, which is also used by jewelers, is also used by many ladies. This method helps to understand whether the jewelry is gold or gold plated: One or a few drops of nitric acid are placed on the jewelry. If there is a color change in the jewelry, it is not gold, but gold plated.

Does Gold Plated Tarnish?

If gold-plated jewelry is used and stored under appropriate conditions, it does not tarnish for a long time and can be used for a long time without darkening.

How to Polish Gold Plated?

Gold-plated jewelry, such as gold and silver, can also darken over time and lose its shine. There are many ways to restore the original shine of jewelry. One of them is detergent water. First, water is poured into a pot and boiled. When the water starts to boil, dishwashing liquid is poured into it and mixed. Then the jewelry is left in this mixture.

After waiting for a while, it is rinsed by rubbing. Another polishing method is white soap and ammonia. A cup of grated white soap and a cup of ammonia are added to a liter of water. Gold-plated jewelry is placed in this mixture and left for 45 minutes. When the time is up, it is rinsed with water and rinsed with a cloth. 

Does Gold Plated Discolor?

Thanks to high plating technologies, jewelry can be given an exact gold color, and gold-plated jewelry; It retains its color for a long time and stays in its first day appearance. Moreover, it does not matter in which setting the gold plating is made. For this reason, gold-plated jewelry is often preferred over gold due to both cost and appearance.

Can Gold Plated Be Exchanged?

Since the amount of gold in gold-plated jewelry is very small, these jewelry cannot be exchanged.

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