Things to Consider When Choosing a Gold Chain Necklace

No matter which period you look at the photos, if you see a stylish person, there is definitely a gold chain necklace around his neck. We may see different models in the 60s, different models in the 80s, and different models in the 2000s, but the gold chain necklace is permanent. Gold chain necklaces adorning necks, regardless of men and women, wink at us over open-collar shirts or elegant dresses. We see a precious stone on the tip of some, and details embroidered on some of them. We cannot take our eyes off the gold chain necklaces as we pass by the jewelry store windows, and when we have to choose from among all of them, we try until we find the most suitable gold chain necklace for ourselves. "So what makes this choice easier?" If you say so, we can tell you about many different topics. When choosing a gold chain necklace, the setting, weight, length, workmanship and purpose of the necklace are very important.

Setting: The setting of the gold chain necklace determines the longevity of your necklace. Gold chains with higher purity wear less. For this reason, you can pay attention to the high setting of the gold chain necklaces that you will always wear around your neck. This type of gold chain necklaces will not be damaged by continuous use. If you are going to buy a gold chain necklace that you will wear as an accessory on special occasions, the setting may be low.

Weight: It is possible to find many models produced in different weights among gold chain necklaces. The most important issue here is how often you wear the necklace. If you are going to buy a gold chain necklace that you will never take off from your neck, you can choose a model with a weight of 3, 5 or 6 gr. The gold chain necklaces you prefer as an accessory that you combine with your clothes in your daily life can weigh up to 18, 25 and even 29 grams. Gold chain necklaces weighing 45 or more and weighing 118 grams are suitable for shorter wear. You can use it on your special days.

Length: When it comes to length, neck measurement comes into play here. If you are going to buy a short gold chain and you do not have the chance to try it, you should definitely know the size of your neck. Narrow gold chain necklaces can disturb your neck. If you prefer medium length or longer gold chain necklaces, your neck type comes into play here as well. If you have a thin and long neck, medium or short gold chain necklaces will suit you better. If you have a thick or short type of neck, you can choose long gold chain necklaces.

Craftsmanship: Craftsmanship is a very important issue in gold chain necklaces. Workmanship determines both suitability for your taste and price. If the workmanship of the gold chain necklace is more, the price will be higher, but when you sell it, it will be difficult to make a profit because the labor cost is reduced. If the workmanship is low, the prices will be in your favor both when buying and selling your necklace. You can buy it for a lower price and earn more profit because the labor cost will be lower when selling.

Purpose of use: The subject of the price of gold, which we mentioned just above, is a very relevant subject for the purpose of using the gold chain necklace. Namely; If you are going to buy a gold chain necklace as a gift to someone, you can choose a necklace made with fine workmanship without thinking of making a profit. If you are going to buy it for yourself, you will need to consider all the features we have listed above.

Choosing a Gold Chain Necklace According to Your Skin Color

The color of the gold chain necklace is as important as the model. Yellow or red gold chain necklaces that we are used to seeing show themselves more on white and dark skins. White gold, on the other hand, can get lost in white skin. Therefore, if you have a brown or wheat complexion, you can use white gold more easily. Rose-colored gold chain necklaces, on the other hand, offer an intermediate form. Regardless of your skin color, you can use it comfortably and combine it with any color outfit.

Where to Find Gold Chain Necklace Models?

Now, in the light of all this information, it's time to choose the most ideal gold necklace for you! Gold chain necklaces that appeal to all tastes with both modern and vintage designs, in the length you want, in the color you want. Runda JewelryYou can find it in the stylish world of . 

What Jewelry Can You Combine with a Gold Chain Necklace?

Combining your gold chain necklaces with gold jewelry will be the right choice. You can choose gold in the same color, especially for being complementary. gold earrings, is the jewelry that goes best with a gold chain necklace. If you are using a thin and opaque gold chain necklace, you can create a complementary combination with gold chain earrings. If you have chosen a thick and eye-catching gold chain necklace, you can choose gold hoop earrings or point earrings as a complement to this necklace. Kıyafetinize Göre Altın Zincir Kolye Seçimi Nasıl Yapılır? Choosing a gold chain necklace suitable for your outfit reveals the style of both your outfit and your gold chain necklace. For example, if you choose an outfit with a closed collar, you can choose a long or medium length gold chain necklace. You can easily combine heavy chains with thick chains. On your open-collar clothes, short gold chain necklaces that will appear on your skin will exhibit a more aesthetic stance. Bu tip kıyafetlerinizde uzun bir altın zinciri boynunuza dolayabilir ya da birden fazla zinciri boy sıralamasına göre takarak kullanabilirsiniz.

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