Explore the Moonlight Inspired Runda Moonlight Collection

Being a part of the solar system, the Moon has great effects on human life. As Earth's satellite, the Moon controls our emotions. His relationship with the world, his distance or closeness has some effects on people's emotional states and physical states. For example, as the water rises during tides, the proportion of water in the human body also increases. This tremendous harmony is an indication of how closely we live with the Moon. The Moon symbolizes the thought and emotional power in people and enables people to have more balanced relationships with each other. Completing its full orbit around the earth in 28 days, the moon has enabled mankind to follow the time cycle throughout history. The more you live in harmony with the Moon's cycle, the more the Moon illuminates your life. The queen of the world, Ay, who has so much to talk about, is also the inspiration for the Runda Jewelry Moonlight collection. Let's get to know more about this series inspired by the energy and light of the Moon.

Elegant Women's Moonlight Necklaces Reflected By The Moonlight

Every woman is as bright and beautiful as the Moon. Our Moonlight necklaces, specially designed for these elegant women where the moonlight is reflected, accompany every aspect of the Moon. These simple, special, bright and precious designs will enable you to carry the energy of the Moon around your neck and to become even more enlightened. It doesn't matter if the tide is the first quarter or the full moon. Whichever phase of the Moon you feel better, you can find it in this collection and wear it around your neck.

Full Moon Bracelets and Necklaces Feel the Energy of the Moon

When you use your energy correctly and well, the full moon times that create a miraculous illumination in your life are very special times. The tidal effect of the moon on the earth also creates some tidal effects on the human psychology and body. Therefore, if we are happy, we may feel happier, and if our energy is low, we may feel even more tired. The important thing here is to believe in the healing power of the Moon, to intend and to ask wholeheartedly. You can feel all the energy of the moon with the full moon bracelets and necklaces of the Runda Moonlight collection. When using these special necklaces that you will wear on your neck or wrist, you can make good intentions and invoke beautiful energies.

Reflect Your Elegance with First Quarter and Last Quarter Jewelry

The new moon period, which we know as the first quarter, creates a positive and constructive effect on people. Efficiency and creativity are at the forefront. During the first quarter, temperature and humidity rise and have the same effect on humans. It is a symbol of vitality and high energy. The last quarter is almost a farewell and healing process. You can send the things you want to get rid of or leave during these periods. If you want to feel these energies to the fullest and benefit from the miraculous powers of the Moon in the first and last quarter periods, the Moonlight collection will reflect both your elegance and the energy of the Moon.

Attract the Moonlight with Tide Silver Jewelry

Tidal silver necklaces decorated with onix stone embroidery and designed with recycled gold are inspired by this miraculous event of nature. You can use these elegant necklaces as an indispensable part of your life, which will allow you to attract the moonlight and all eyes. With its durability and quality, the tide silver necklace, which you can easily combine with every outfit and maybe even never want to take off from your neck, may be a candidate to be your favorite jewelry for many years.

Necklaces Inspired by Moonlight and Energy

The shimmer of the moonlight, which illuminates even the darkest nights, is in perfect harmony with the brilliance of gold. The onix details we used in the Moonlight series, which we designed inspired by this light, symbolize the dark side of the Moon. This series, which we have created as a part of the earth's natural cycle, will bring light and luck to your life.

Which Outfits Can I Combine with Moonlight Necklaces?

You can combine moonlight necklaces with your work clothes or use them on your special days. It is possible to draw attention to you, especially with black and red clothes.

What Should You Consider When Buying Gold Plated Silver Diamond Jewelry?

First of all, you should make sure that real gold is used in the coating and you should definitely shop from a place you trust. Of course, you should be sure of the authenticity of the diamond as well as the gold. It is very important that the jewelry is harmoniously coated according to its type. For example, gold-plated chain jewelry should be plated in a very thin layer, but a thicker coating should be used in jewelry such as earrings or bracelets. Another issue that you should pay attention to is that the color of the diamond and the color of the coating are compatible. For example, if you are buying rose gold plated silver diamond jewelry, you should not choose a diamond color that is difficult to show itself. Light tones will disappear in rose color.

Can You Buy Gold Jewelry Online?

Of course, you can buy gold jewelry online, but the important thing here is to be sure of the authenticity of the gold or the stone used on the jewelry. You can be sure of the authenticity and unique elegance of every gold jewelry you buy from Runda Jewelry.

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