What is Natural Stone? Natural Stones and Their Properties

Natural stone; It is defined as mineral, stone or organic matter that can be cut, polished, and therefore used in many forms. Natural stones are often used in jewelry and decorative ornaments. One of the biggest reasons why natural stones are preferred; Although its durability and beauty are high, it is also financially affordable because it is semi-precious. In addition, natural stones; They are often used in alternative medicine and are believed to have a healing effect.

How Are Natural Stones Formed in Nature?

Natural stones, in short, are a collection of minerals and are formed after natural events over many years. Many events such as volcanic lava flows, earthquakes, temperature changes, meteor falls; causes changes in the ground surface. These changes; While reflecting on the earth and atmosphere, it also affects the formation process of natural stones. Atoms come together to form elements; elements come together to form minerals; minerals come together to form natural stones. Natural stones that take thousands of years to form; Over the years, they are stored with electromagnetic energy and this energy has the power to affect both people and environments.

How to Find Natural Stone?


There are many varieties of natural stones, and each variety is found in different places where different natural phenomena occur. In addition, since the formation of natural stones takes thousands of years, they are shaped according to the natural characteristics of their environment.

How and Where Are Natural Stones Used?

Natural stones have different energies as well as looking beautiful. Therefore, it is used for many different purposes. They are often preferred especially in jewelry and ornaments. When using natural stones in jewelry, the energy in them is also taken into account. While choosing jewelry and ornaments designed with natural stones, the energy they reflect is also taken into consideration.

Which Natural Stones Are Used Together?

Natural stones have different energies and when they come together or are in the same environment, they increase their energies by combining them. For this reason, different natural stones are used together in many jewelry and items designed.

What are the Main Natural Stones?

Malachite Stone

The core of malachite is copper ore. Also known as malachite, this natural stone has green tones and dark green stripes on it. If you want to get more detailed information about this natural stone You can read our article.

Tourmaline Stone

Tourmaline stone is one of the most colorful stones among natural stones. That's why it is also called the rainbow stone. It offers different varieties from pink to green. The reason why it has different colors; It is the change of colors according to the amount of minerals in its content. Tourmaline stone obtained from boron crystal mines is an expensive and semi-precious stone. Spiritually, it is believed that tourmaline stone is a magic stone and protects the person from evil. This natural stone; It is used in many jewelry and especially in making rosaries.

Ruby Zoisite Stone

Ruby zoisite is created by the combination of 3 stones. This natural stone; It gets its green color from zoisite stone, its purple-like red color from ruby stone, and its black spots from chermakite stone. Each of these three natural stones has different properties. Ruby zoisite stone, also known as health stone; It balances the energy in the body and is good for heart health. It is believed that the stone must touch the skin in order to feel this effect.


Jade is widely used in the Far East and is believed to be an auspicious stone. Jade with shades of green; It is also known as the heaven stone. This natural stone, which has a translucent feature; In addition to green, it is also found in yellow, white, brown and red colors.

Star Stone

star stone; It contains many different minerals such as copper, iron, titanium and silicon. Also known as the stone of determination, this natural stone is believed to increase determination and self-confidence. star stone; It has a metallic sheen and a sparkling appearance. Because of these features, it is often preferred in jewelry design.

What Are Natural Stone Jewelry?

Natural stones are used in many jewelry designs due to their visuality and energy. Natural stones offer striking results, especially in bracelet design. Unique bracelets are designed as a result of gold meeting with natural stones.


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