How Does Recycling Reflect on Jewelry From Production to Design?

Today, many brands are improving their processes with an environmentally friendly approach or new brands are laying their foundations in line with this approach. Today, consumers care about the respect that brands have for nature while making their choices. They also want to see the reflections of nature visually in the new designs of the jewelry world. Because they appreciate the fact that many things we observe in nature come across as original design products. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how recycling can be reflected in jewelry from production to design.


recycled materials


Production materials are indispensable for production. Every sector, from industry to fashion, is working to make environmentally friendly choices in production materials. Environmentally friendly brands in the jewelry industry also prefer 100% pure and recycled gold, 100% recycled silver or laboratory-made diamonds when choosing their materials. The use of these materials as the raw material of jewelry and the realization of environmentally friendly production contribute to the environment by protecting natural resources.




We need to think not only of today, but also of tomorrow. For this, it is very important that all materials are obtained from 100% recycled and biodegradable materials. When the jewelery industry pays attention to these points in all its processes, it becomes a part of the forward transformation. As a consumer, you can put brands that give importance to upcycling to the fore while making your choices. So you actually become a part of upcycling.


Recycling in packaging


Not only jewelry production, but also the presentation of jewelry can be included in an environmentally friendly approach. For this, recycled materials can be used in processes such as packaging and boxing. That's why today many brands prefer materials made from recycled paper or cardboard. 




Recycling also saves energy. The savings achieved by using existing material instead of a production site from scratch helps us to protect natural resources by reducing carbon emissions.


inspiration for design


Nature has always been a great source of inspiration. Colors, shapes and reflections found in nature have been used by jewelry brands like many other sectors; nature is reflected in jewelry designs with different aspects. Many design brands, acting with the awareness of recycling, have given a great place to nature in their designs in order to show this to their consumers more clearly. Thus, respect for nature has been shown both in production and design, by ensuring brand stance and integrity with the visual world.


Become a part of nature with Runda!


Runda acts with respect to nature and people at every stage of production for a better future. It contributes to the natural cycle by using recycled materials in jewelry materials. In addition to jewelry making, packaging also shows its respect for the environment in all its processes by choosing recycled materials.


In addition, Runda is inspired by a different aspect of nature in each of her jewelry collections, which include necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. It brings you the most trendy jewelry with its collections that reflect the beauty and originality of nature. 

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