How to Choose a Gold Ring in Gift Choices?

The ring, which is used as a common accessory all over the world, never goes out of fashion. Regardless of men and women, many people adorn their fingers with rings for different purposes and in different styles. When it comes to a gold ring, things change a little. It includes how many settings the ring has, how the craftsmanship is, and most importantly, the color or decorations. Of course, if we buy the ring ourselves, the process of choosing a gold ring is easier. Especially if we are going to a jewelry store or a jewelry store, we can try and find the ring that fits our finger. Even if we are shopping online, knowing our finger size solves everything. But what if you're buying a gold ring as a gift for someone else? Now things are starting to change a little bit more…

What You Should Know Before Buying a Gold Ring Gift

If you know the person's taste; Let's get to know the gold ring models closely.

Solitaire: It is generally used in marriage proposals. It is commonly seen in white gold or rose colors.
Beştaş: 5 stone gold rings symbolizing love, fidelity, peace, happiness and fertility, usually anniversaries etc. Rings are gifts for special occasions. When used with solitaire, it creates an eye-catching elegance.
Tamtur: Tamtur gold rings are completely surrounded by precious stones. These rings, which require fine workmanship, can be one of the best choices among the rings that can be bought for gift purposes; because it symbolizes eternity. In other words, you can gift this ring not only for the eternity of your love, but also as a symbol of your deep-rooted love for a person.
Tria: Tria means 3 in Latin and this ring gets the power of its name from 3. There are 3 nails on the ring and each of them contains precious stones. The meaning of this ring, which requires craftsmanship, is very special. The three stones on it represent yesterday, today and tomorrow. Therefore, it is a very special ring that can be bought as a gift.
Gold baguette ring: The gold baguette ring, the surface of which is shaved in a rectangular or square shape, and stones are placed on the surface with fine workmanship, is among the most fashionable gold rings of recent years. The baguette gets its name from this geometric shape on it. If you are looking for a modern style for a gift gold ring, you can choose baguette gold rings.

Finger Size of the Person You Will Buy a Gift

Knowing the finger size is our top priority when buying a gift gold ring, but knowing how to get this size without going to the jeweler is more important than anything else. If you do not know the finger size of the person you will receive the gift and this gift will not be a surprise gift, measuring with a string is the most logical and traditional method. With the length of this rope, you can measure the diameter of the ring and find the correct gold ring number. If this gold ring is going to be a surprise gift, things change. The first advice we can give you, of course, is to miss a ring that the person you will receive the gift is already wearing and take the measurement. Of course, if you have the opportunity… Don't think that you can't find the right ring if you don't have such an opportunity. The second advice we will give you is to choose a size that will fit your finger, not a small one; because there is no solution like enlarging the small ring, but you can narrow the big ring.
Before buying a gift gold ring, you can refer to the template to get the right finger size:

Diameter (mm)

Circumference (mm)












































The Pleasures of the Person You Will Surprise

Although yellow or red gold is the first thing that comes to mind when gold is mentioned, white and rose colors are also preferred. For this reason, it should not be called a golden ring. Some people like Turkish models, colors or stones, while others prefer modern styles. If the gift recipient likes retro styles, you can buy him a yellow or red gold ring. You can choose rings with a large stone in the middle. You can choose red or green colors as the stone color. If the person you will receive the gift is in more modern styles, you can buy him a white or rose colored gold ring. You can choose stones such as diamonds and diamonds.

How to Choose a Gold Ring in Gift Choices?

When choosing a gift gold ring, first of all, you need to know the tastes of the person you will receive the gift and the meanings of the ring models; because some of the gold ring models have different meanings. Another issue is, of course, that the ring is compatible with the finger. That's why it's important to know your finger size. Where to Buy Gift Gold Ring?And here we come to the question in mind: Where to buy a gift gold ring? If you care about nature as much as you care about elegance when buying a gold ring, of course, Runda Jewelry will be your first choice. Sustainable runda gold ringsIt appeals to all tastes with its models with and without stones. Turkish and modern styles offer a wide world for your gift selection. You too can make your loved ones smile and be in harmony with the cycle of nature with the eco-friendly gold rings of Runda Jewelry.

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