Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Clothes

The jewelery chosen according to the outfit combinations are the fine details that determine the style as well as completing the combinations. For example, a very simple daily combination can be enlivened with selected jewelry or it can add rich touches to an elegant event.

You can find perfect style details for every combination by choosing jewelry that matches the general style of your closet. You can choose jewelry that will suit daily sportswear, elegant evening dresses, combinations that reveal your style in all kinds of social environments. You will make a difference with your aesthetic combination style wherever you go, with jewelry choices that will match the style, color and design details of the outfit. 

As with clothes, there are some jewelry models that you must have at hand. Minimal and modern jewelry designs complement everyday combination styles. Elegant and impressive designs make clothes look rich on special occasions. For example, if the combination you choose is simple, you can get help from jewelry to animate the combination. 

You can reveal different styles such as ethnic, modern, plain or bohemian with the jewelry you choose. Round We provide you with stylish jewelry that will reveal your difference in the best way with our rich designs.

Jewelry Suitable for Sports Wear

Sports suits are the savior pieces that should be in every closet. In addition, she can easily create many different styles by using accessories and jewelry with sports dresses. However, jewelry models suitable for sports dresses should be preferred according to the style to be presented. For example; If you want to wear a sports dress in a casual, comfortable and modern style, you can choose minimal and modern jewelry designs. 

If the sports dress you are going to wear is a solid color, you can choose the jewelry from the models with colorful or movement details. Earring designs such as Vivace, Necklaces, Art of Existence, Rakursi with Malachite Stone in our collections are designs that will add movement to plain colored sports dresses. Our necklace designs such as Flower Ladder, Complementary Contrast, Eye in Nature, Hidden Beauty, Open Composition are among the designs that will add movement and rich style details to plain sports dress combinations. Bracelets such as Cycle Agate Stone Bracelet, Malachite Stone Nature and Human, Malachite Stone Infinite Balance, Diamond White Eyed Flower add stylish and attractive details to daily sports dresses. 

If the chosen sports dress is colorful, patterned or lively in cut, plain and minimalist jewelry designs should be preferred. Outer Border Gold Bracelet, Diamond Colors Seed Bracelet, Diamond Olive Branch Necklace, Mimosa Necklace, Full Moon Necklace, Earrings Beyond Flowers, Rectangle Magic Earrings, Giants' Sidewalk earring designs are simple and minimalist models suitable for active sportswear. You can add a romantic atmosphere to sports dresses with gold medallion necklaces.

Stylish Necklaces for Stylish Nights

You can complete the elegant evening dresses that you will wear at special events with stylish jewelry according to the design of the dress. Long chain necklaces with gold and diamond details are good alternatives for low-cut evening dresses. For example; We recommend you to take a look at models such as Malachite Stone Infinity and Balance, Malachite Stone Minimal Nature Necklace, Eucalyptus Flower Gold Necklace to choose jewelry types that suit the chest décolleté. 

If you want a more flamboyant elegance, you can choose the Diamond Eye of Helios, Diamond Rebirth, Diamond Power of the Sun necklace designs. If you are in favor of simplicity and elegance in evening dresses, you can also choose simple earrings and necklaces and complement them with more flamboyant rings. For example; Such as the Energy of the Sun, the Part of Nature with Malachite Stone, the Sunflower with Diamonds rings It is among our models that complete the simple necklace selections very successfully.

Elegant Earrings for Elegant Ladies

Ladies who want to experience simplicity and elegance in every moment can choose our minimal and stylish earring models. Our Diamond Seeds of Simplicity earring model with fine style details inspired by the unique elegance of nature is one of the perfect options. Adding the magic of nature to elegance, Gold Green Magic Earrings are among the most beautiful jewelry models for elegant choices. Our designs such as Daisy Earring, Sun's Crown Sphere, Golden Fuchsia Earring, Malachite Stone Pure Balance, Seed of Colors, Halo from the Sun, Sprouting Seed are simple but very elegant options. 

You can complement long evening dresses with dangling stylish earrings. Dangle earrings such as Malachite Stone Nature's Voice, Diamond Inca Sun Disc, Agate Stone Nature's Dream, Static Form earring designs are models that will suit long evening dresses. You can successfully complete mini evening dresses with our earring models such as Diamond Earth Tones, Sun Halo or Sun Rays, and create a complete combination.

Special Jewelry Selections for Those Who Reflect themselves with Vivid Colors

Jewelery with vibrant colors and modern designs offers options that will reveal the unique character style. Plain combinations can be turned into stylish and original combinations with vibrantly colored jewellery. 

Our malachite collection stands out among the most stylish jewelery varieties in vibrant colors. Necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets with malachite, which reflect the perfect energy of green, are alternative designs for those who want to reveal their own style. 

Jewelry models in our agate stone collection can also be evaluated with vibrant color options. Earth Tones Diamond earrings and bracelet designs are stylish options with the harmony of gemstones of different colors. You can capture unique styles with red, fuchsia, blue, green color details in gold-diamond-silver jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which necklace should be worn on which dress?
  • According to the dress design, you can choose plain jewelry options in plain models and mobile models. In this way, clothes and jewelry complement each other and form a whole.

  • Which necklace is worn on which collar?
  • Closed-neck dresses can be complemented with long necklaces, low-cut neck dresses can be complemented with medium-length necklaces, and slightly open-collar dresses can be complemented with neck necklaces.

  • What are the Features to Consider When Choosing Jewelry?
  • Jewelry models that will complement the clothes worn according to the season will be different. What kind of effect you want the jewelry to have on your clothing selection, you can achieve this effect with the right choices. When choosing jewelry, you should pay special attention to high-carat gold and silver.

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