What is Malachite? What You Need to Know About Malachite

malachite, also known as malachite; It is a copper ore found in nature, consisting of copper carbonate, with a bright green color. It has emerged as a result of the chemical and physical interaction of copper carbonate and different minerals over centuries. This gemstone; it has been used for thousands of years in the crowns of the pharaohs, in the palaces of the Russian tsars and in many other places; It has managed to attract attention with its eye-catching appearance. 

What are the Main Features of Malachite Stone? How Does It Look?

Malachite, which has a unique appearance with its bright green color, has thin black lines on it and has a structure that is not too hard. If there are very prominent and thick black lines on the stone, it may mean that the stone is fake. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention. The malachite stone, which is frequently preferred by the jewelry industry; It has a calming effect and is known to turn negative emotions into positive. In addition, relaxing the body, falling asleep easily; It also has features such as getting rid of feelings such as guilt, fear, discouragement, strengthening memory, and relieving pain. Malachite, also known as purification and protection stone; It balances and clears the chakras. This is why it is often used in rituals such as yoga and meditation. malachite stone; Compatible with Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn. 

How to Identify Malachite?

There are many features that distinguish malachite from other stones. malachite stone; It has bright green tones and a translucent texture. There are natural fine black lines on this stone. Malachite, which has a hardness level of 3.5-4, is an easily breakable stone. For this reason, it is easily shaped and used in jewelry. Malachite may darken when placed near a heat source. 

Where Is Malachite Found?

malachite stone; It is found in Hungary, Russia, Germany, Siberia, USA, Turkey, South and West Africa. When we look at Turkey specifically, malachite is mostly located in the Black Sea Region. In addition to copper mines and reserves, malachite is also found in zinc and lead quarries. Malachite stone, which has a round shape and resembles a kidney in its natural state, is processed and used in different areas.    

What are the Uses of Malachite Stone?

Since malachite has a non-hard structure, it can be easily shaved and polished. Although it has a glossy structure, it can achieve an even brighter appearance with the polishing process. Therefore, it is frequently used in jewelry and mother-of-pearl. In addition, malachite has an important place in the design of ornaments.   

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