What is Zircon Stone? How to Identify Zircon Stone?

What is Zircon Stone?

One of the preferences of those who seek naturalness in jewelry design; zircon stone. This stone, which adds both elegance and naturalness to designs, is mined from many parts of the world. This stone has benefits such as strengthening the mind and memory, curing diseases. It is also believed that zircon stone brings luck and success to those who use it.


What are the Properties of Zircon Stone?

Zircon stone, which is frequently preferred in many women's and men's jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings; It is known for its very bright structure. This natural stone, which is also heat resistant, is beneficial in contact with the skin. Zircon stone with transparent, yellow, brown, red, green and blue colors; It is likened to a diamond. However, it has a softer structure than diamonds. It attracts attention with its bright structure. Gold and silver are also often used in the designs of this stone.


How to Identify Zircon Stone?

It is not easy to understand whether a stone is a zircon stone or not. Due to the similarity of zircon stone, it is often confused with diamonds and diamonds. Zircon stone, which has a more affordable price than diamond; It is preferred in jewelry with diamond imitation.

Where to Find Zircon Stone?

Zircon stone, which is very common in the world; Besides Turkey, it is also found in many countries such as Australia, Chile and India.


What Is Zircon Stone Good For?

Zircon stone has many benefits. It helps the digestive system, upper respiratory tract, ulcer treatment, keeping the body fit, positive energy, a comfortable sleep, giving comfort and peace to the person, and calming. In addition, this stone supports the appetite of people who cannot gain weight and have appetite problems. In order to benefit from all these benefits, the zircon stone must come into contact with the skin.

What Does Zircon Stone Do?

Zircon stone, which is frequently used in jewelry design and industrial design; especially for women, it adds a stylish look and offers natural benefits.

How to Polish Zircon Stone?

Fill the container with some hot water and add a few drops of dish soap. Afterwards, jewelry with zirconia is placed in this container and left for 3-5 minutes. While the jewelry is in the container, it is brushed with a soft brush. Finally, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.

Does Zircon Stone Darken?

Zircon stone is a stone that is resistant to tarnishing. With proper use and care, it can be used for long periods of time without darkening.

Does Zircon Stone Rust?

Zircon stone, which is a durable stone, is resistant to rust.

Is Zircon Stone Expensive?

Zircon stone has a similar appearance to diamond, but has a much more affordable price.

Does Zircon Stone Change Color?

With proper care and use, discoloration and fading of the zircon stone can be prevented for a long time.

What are the Colors of Zircon Stone?

Zircon stone, which usually has a transparent color; It can also be in the colors gray, pink, red, blue, yellow, orange, brown and green.

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