You will not be able to decide which of the beautiful and different gold earring models you will choose, which is the local production of the Runda Jewelry brand. You will make your look even more beautiful and shine with these earrings, each of which is beautiful in its own way.

Gold Earring Models

Gold earrings with diamonds or gold earrings with natural stones, black enameled gold earrings, or plain gold earrings … You can choose the one that best suits your combination and facial features from 14-carat gold plated earrings in many types and models. During the construction of each, the use of harmful chemicals was avoided and the carbon footprint was tried to be kept at a minimum. In other words, while these gold earrings add beauty to you, they are also produced in a nature-sensitive manner.

Minimalist Gold Earring Models

Frequency; It can be provided with minimalist and interesting jewelry as well as large and interesting jewelry. With minimalist earrings, you can reveal your face and show how you can add beauty to your look with a tiny accessory. You can check out these 14-karat gold minimalist earring models at Createrra and have the ones you like.

Ring Gold Earring Models

One of the indispensable earring models for those who wear earrings, 14-karat gold hoop earrings can be used with almost any combination and hairstyle. You can find hoop earrings not only in the form of rings but also in different geometric shapes. There are many ring gold earring models in various sun motifs, hexagonal shapes, or inspired by philosophical terms such as an endless loop. These models are made even more eye-catching by adorning them with natural stones, diamonds, or black enamel. You can find these hoop earring models on our website.

Dangle Gold Earring Models

Hanging gold earring models, which are especially suitable for people with round face lines and heart-shaped face lines, have been produced in many models. While some models attract attention with their simplicity and elegance, some models dazzle with their flamboyance and stones. You can access these gold earring models made of 14-carat gold and decorated with diamonds, natural stones, and black enamel on our page and add elegance to your elegance with your favorite models.

What are Gold Earring Prices?

The prices of gold earrings on our site vary between 800 TL and 7100 TL. Prices have been determined by considering various features such as the gram of the earring, whether it contains special stones such as diamonds and natural stones, and its model.

What is 14K Gold?

The carat indicates the purity of the gold. 24 karat is the highest purity. As the purity of gold increases, its flexibility and softness increase, and its durability decrease. For this reason, when producing gold jewelry, gold is made hard by adding metals to pure gold. 14k gold; It is a less pure form of 24-carat gold that has been strengthened by processing. It is a preferred product in jewelry production. 14 Gauge

How Many Grams of Gold Earrings?

Earrings on our site; They weigh an average of 2.3 grams depending on the models and stones.

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