Carry the Energy of Natural Stones on Your Neck

Natural stone necklaces that bring nature to your combination with natural stones are also sustainable and nature-friendly necklaces produced with nature in mind. You will love the beautiful and different models of natural stone necklaces decorated with natural stones produced by the Runda brand, which you can find on our site.

Natural Stone Necklace Models

Natural stone necklaces colored with malachite, Onyx, and diamonds; It has been made dazzling with their models inspired by nature. It will be very difficult for you to choose between beautiful and stylish natural stone necklace models.

14K Gold Natural Stone Necklace Models

Natural stone necklaces made of 14-carat gold, which you can find on our site, are designed in many models. The models of natural stone necklaces, each of which is produced with a unique handcraft, are as interesting as the stones. They are produced in models such as flowers, sun, sunrise and sunset, olive branch, moon, and so on. In other words, they bring nature to your combination not only with their stones but also with their models. During the production of 14-karat gold natural stone necklaces, which are produced in a domestic and fair working environment, attention is paid to reducing carbon emissions, not using harmful chemicals, and using recycled materials. You can examine the models of 14-karat gold-plated natural stone necklaces produced by the Runda brand, which are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

14K Gold Plated Natural Stone Necklace Models

The 14-karat gold-plated natural stone necklace models you can find on our site are decorated with malachite stones and diamonds. Some necklaces are also made more eye-catching by adding diamonds. 14-karat gold-plated natural stone necklaces on our site; It is produced with unique hand workmanship and no harmful chemicals are used during their production. Attention has also been paid to carbon emissions and the use of recycled materials. You can review our site to have your favorites from the sustainable and nature-friendly 14-karat gold-plated natural stone necklaces.

Properties of the Stones We Use in Runda

Natural stone necklaces produced by Runda; are decorated with malachite, laboratory-made diamond, and Onyx stone. Malachite has a shiny and glassy structure. It is believed to conserve energy. A diamond is obtained by cutting the diamond in a certain way. Onyx stone is in black and gray colors. They are preferred in jewelry because of their aesthetics and machinability. It is believed to give positive energy.

Stories of Runda Natural Stone Necklaces

The models of natural stone necklaces that you can find on our site are not designed with just visuals in mind. In each necklace; designed and inspired by nature, different stories were told. Natural stones of different colors are used in the necklaces inspired by mimosa, passionflower, and eucalyptus flowers. Inspired by ivy and flower ladder, the necklaces are decorated with the dazzling beauty of red diamonds. With tiny diamonds added to the leaves of the olive branch necklace, which expresses peace and nature, the necklace has been made simple yet elegant. In natural stone necklaces designed inspired by the power of the sun; The rising of the sun and its power are explained. There are also necklaces inspired by the Moon. These necklaces describe the tide and the phases of the moon. By using the unique beauty of malachite stone, minimalism and balance were tried to be explained.

Prices of Natural Stone Necklaces

The prices of natural stone necklaces you can find on our site vary between 600 TL and 9900 TL. These price differences are determined according to the stone used and its quantity, model, and gram.

Does 14K Gold Plated Peel Off?

Gold is a metal that does not tarnish and does not peel. The darkening seen in the main material covered with gold affects the gold-plated layer, causing a darkened appearance. As long as it is used carefully and does not come into contact with chemicals, the life of gold-plated jewelry is extended.

Does Gold-Plate Sterling Silver Necklace Cause Allergies?

Gold and silver are metals that are less likely to cause allergies. Allergic reactions when using jewelry made of these metals can be caused by metals mixed with gold or silver. Dyes used in jewelry can also cause allergies. Since the Runda brand does not use harmful chemicals and harmful dyes, you are unlikely to experience an allergic reaction due to the jewelry you buy from our site.

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