Capture Elegance with 14K Gold Plated Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces plated with gold are covered with such a fine workmanship that they cannot be distinguished from gold necklaces. Gold-plated silver necklaces, which are made more stylish and eye-catching with natural stones and diamonds, are sustainable and nature-friendly. You can find 14-karat gold-plated silver necklaces produced by the Runda brand with unique handwork.

14K Gold Plated Silver Necklace Models

Carat gold-plated silver necklaces on our site; It is decorated with malachite, diamond, or onyx. They are designed with inspiration from the energy, balance, sun, and moon in nature. Recycled materials are used to make gold-plated, silver necklaces, each of which is sustainable. There are no harmful chemicals in 14-carat gold-plated silver necklaces, which are produced by paying attention to carbon emissions. Thus, they are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Gold Plated Silver Necklace

The main material covered with gold plating is the most important point to consider when choosing gold-plated jewelry. Because the problems that occur in the appearance of gold-plated jewelry are usually caused by the main material coated. Gold; Although it is a metal that does not tarnish, tarnishing in the main material can pass into gold plating. For this reason, choosing the main material that does not tarnish and peel easily will ensure that the gold-plated jewelry you buy will last longer. At the same time, the purity of the gold is important because the gold used in gold plating is real gold. Contrary to popular belief, high-purity gold is the wrong choice of jewelry material. They spoil quickly. Gold-plated jewelry that will not cause allergies, quality metals and reduced purity; It will be the right choice in terms of both your health and the life of the jewelry.

The Stories of Runda's Gold-Plated Silver Necklaces

Each of the gold-plated silver necklaces designed by Runda has a different story. The escape to nature necklace represents feeling primitive and free. The energy of the nature necklace is inspired by keeping up with the rhythm of nature. The heat and luminosity represented in the power of the sun necklace represent the power of the sun's properties. The ivy necklace represents the complexity of life; By using colored diamond stones, it is aimed to explain that this complexity can also be beautiful. Onyx stone is used in the tide necklace, which represents the tide that occurs as a result of the interaction of the Moon and Earth. Helios, the collection of Runda, describes the rising of the Sun and illuminating the Earth. In the first four necklaces, the bright side of the moon is depicted with the golden part, and the dark side of the moon is depicted in the part inlaid with Onyx stone.

Does Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Necklace Cause Allergies?

Gold is a metal that is very unlikely to cause allergies. Allergies thought to be caused by gold are usually caused by the metals used or the parent material coated while reducing the purity of the gold. Although very rare, there are people who are allergic to metals that are less likely to cause allergies, such as gold and silver. Not counting such exceptions, the gold-plated silver necklaces sold on our site are hypoallergenic. In other words, the probability of allergy is close to 0.

Does 14K Gold Plated Peel Off?

Gold is a metal that does not tarnish and does not peel, but as a result of chemical reactions occurring in the main material with which the gold is coated, the gold plating can also be damaged. This damage may manifest as coating or peeling. The lifetime of the gold-plated necklaces you buy by paying attention to the main material; You can extend your necklace by not wearing it in the pool or in the sea, by avoiding contact with cleaning materials and by cleaning it correctly.

925 Gram Sterling Silver Necklace How Many Grams?

The 925 gram silver necklaces you can find on our site have an average weight of 2 grams. Depending on the model and the stones used, changes can be seen in the gram of the necklace.

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