Silver ring

From the past to the present, jewelry and ornaments are offered to customers as well as being in demand for daily use, special days, and nights. With the frequent use of accessory models, accessory models and features have started to have a fairly large product range in the market. Silver ring models, one of the most used accessories, are a good option for both themselves and those who want to buy gifts for their loved ones. You can reach flawless elegance by purchasing Runda's finely crafted silver ring models.

Silver Ring Models with Changing Designs

Silver ring models offer a wide range of choices, from minimal to authentic, with both the styles they reflect and the different shapes in their cuts. Silver ring types, which stand out with their geometric cuts, are interpreted in a more sporty and more modern style, while models with stones appeal to more elegant and assertive styles. Natural gemstone silver rings are designed in an authentic line and attract the attention of the customers. Runda has 14-carat gold-plated silver ring models with different designs. Especially, 14-karat gold-plated diamond silver ring models attract the attention of people with their designs.

Types of Women's Silver Rings

Women's silver ring models are among the most preferred jewelry. You can make your loved ones happy with silver ring women's varieties that you can buy especially as an anniversary gift, birthday gift, or mother's day gift. Especially minimal silver ring models have been in great demand lately. In addition, silver stone ring models have varieties that use both natural stones and diamonds. Silver rings with colored stones are among the best-selling models with their modern designs. With its wide product range of 14-carat gold-plated, malachite, diamond, colored Chloris, 925 sterling silver ring models, Runda Jewelry rings are of a type that can appeal to all segments. 14-karat gold-plated silver ring models with malachite will be very useful both on special occasions and in daily life with their modern line.

Wear Unique Silver Rings with Runda's Fine Craftsmanship

All of Runda's designs are produced by handcrafts instead of machines. It works with the idea of ethical production in order to train new artisans by master craftsmen and to carry fine craftsmanship to the future, thanks to its designs that preserve the old styles that cannot be worn out over time, instead of fast consumption. Perfect silver ring models, prepared with fine craftsmanship, are more elegant and unique models than the rings that come out of machine production.

Sterling Silver Rings Inspired by Nature's Cycle

Inspired by the cycle of nature in its name, design, and all of its production processes, the Runda brand combines the flawless forms of nature with fine craftsmanship in its accessories. For this reason, it uses 100% recycled and biodegradable materials in all parts from the raw materials of the jewelry models to the packaging materials in every collection it produces. The silver rings you will buy from Runda are delivered to you with a seed card showing the inspiration in its design. Runda, a sustainable gold jewelry brand inspired by nature, aims to return what comes from nature to nature.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Silver Ring

The first thing to pay attention to when transforming silver into jewelry is the setting that will be written on the jewelry. This sterling silver is understood in the preparation part of the jewelry due to some raw materials added to simplify the processing of the silver. The silver ring models sold in our country are produced as 800, 900, and 925 carats. Another point to be considered is the tarnishing of silverware. Since tarnishing is a natural state of silver, a silver substance in frequent contact and in a humid environment will inevitably tarnish. Even if it is a more specialized subject to distinguish whether silver rings are fake or real, you should pay attention to the fact that the product you will buy is registered through the Chamber of Commerce. All Runda Jewelry silver ring models are made of 925 sterling silver and are plated with 14-carat gold.

Silver Ring Prices

Silver ring prices vary according to different craftsmanship, brand, model, and design. However, considering the high labor and raw material quality, the product prices are quite economical. The grams of silver rings are again a significant factor in the price. Gold-plated yellow and silver rings, which have long-term use, do not tarnish, and can regain their first day's shine thanks to the right care, are very suitable models to buy when their elegant stance and the value they never lose are considered together. Runda's 14-carat gold-plated silver rings, designed with fine craftsmanship and each inspired by nature, offer you many varieties with a wide price range. You can find unique silver ring models, which have models suitable for every budget and inspired by nature, on the Runda Jewelry website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silver Ring

How Can I Measure a Silver Ring?

If you want to know your size before you buy a silver ring, you can simply find out your ring size with an old ring you use and a ruler that also determines the millimeter range. For this measurement, you should measure a ring that you have used before and that is suitable for your finger with the help of a ruler. Although the millimetric measurement system on the ruler helps you find your ring size, this measurement only measures the space where your finger will enter, not the metal part of the ring. In short, the mm measurement that emerges in the measurements made with this technique corresponds to a number in the ring measurement table. For example, a ring measuring 17mm is equal to ring number 14. With this simple measuring technique, you can buy the rings directly without having to try them out.

How to Clean a Silver Ring?

In order to clean your silver rings, it is very important to get help from a professional employee and to perform the ideal cleaning process of the silver structure. Your rings, which you use carefully, can be easily cleaned with the appropriate cleaning wipes. Using harmful and abrasive chemicals while cleaning silver rings can scratch or damage the surface of your ring. You can find information about how silver rings are polished while browsing the internet, but getting support from an expert for this process is very important for longer use of silver rings.

How to Choose Silver Rings for Special Day Gifts?

A carefully chosen silver ring can be one of the perfect gifts. All of the silver rings with a remarkable special designs are in great demand on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or mother's day. You can add a different atmosphere to the style of the gift, especially with silver rings decorated with delicate stones. Silver rings are one of the best ways to reflect your love, as you can make the person you receive a gift and feel how special they are to you. Silver ring types with special models with or without stones will allow you to make a nice touch to the soul of the person you will gift.

Can a Silver Ring be Collapsed?

Silver rings can be narrowed upon request. As a result of the narrowing request, the size of the ring owner's finger is calculated using a measuring instrument. Then, the excess part of the ring is cut according to the size, and the boiling process is started after cutting. When the boiling process is finished, it is subjected to sanding in order to turn the rough surface into a smooth one. As a result of this process, the ring returns to its former smooth state.

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