Highlight Your Natural Beauty with Long Necklaces Influenced by the Flow of Nature!

Long necklace models combined with natural stones and diamonds are produced with the unique hand workmanship of the Runda brand. They are produced by paying attention not only to their visuality but also to their nature-friendly nature.

Long Necklace Models

Long necklaces produced by the Runda brand, which you can find on our site; are made of 14-carat gold or 14-carat gold plating, decorated with natural stones or diamonds. If you want to examine eye-catching long necklace models, the Runda brand is the right address for you.

14K Gold and 14K Gold Plated Long Necklaces

The long necklaces you can find on our site are made of either gold or gold-plated silver. Each one is designed in a separate model and some of them are made more elegant with natural stones or diamonds. Necklaces that do not use natural stones or diamonds are designed in such eye-catching models that nothing extra is needed.

Natural Stone Long Necklaces

Long necklaces designed by giving beautiful shapes to malachite stone, colorful diamond stones and Onyx stone will dazzle your eyes. Long necklaces that bring nature to your combination with the help of natural stones are made with the handcraft of Runda. Some are made of 14k gold. Others are made of 14-carat gold-plated silver. They do not contain harmful chemicals. During the production of long necklaces produced using recycled materials, the carbon footprint is tried to be kept at a minimum level. You can find natural stone long necklace models on our website.

Diamond Long Necklaces

Long necklaces that sparkle with diamonds added to gold necklaces and gold-plated necklaces are handmade. In necklace models inspired by nature; shapes such as sun, sunrise, sunset, and eye were used. Recycled products are used and no harmful chemicals are used. You can find Runda brand diamond long necklace models on our website, which pay attention to carbon emissions at every stage of their production.

Tarot Long Necklaces

Inspired by the patterns on the tarot cards, each of the tarot necklaces has a different symbol. Many tarot card patterns are used, such as the sun, tower, Earth, star, moon, love, magic, justice, and so on. You can examine the tarot long necklace models, which have a unique beauty with colored enamel embroidered on 14-carat gold, on our site.

Medallion Long Necklaces

Medallion necklaces produced by coloring with harmless dyes are made of 14-carat gold. Each one has a unique design. You can carry your memories with you by putting something special like a photo inside.

Stories of Long Necklaces

Stories inspired by nature, love and tarot cards are told in the long necklace models produced with the unique hand workmanship of the Runda brand. Balance in nature, flowers, the sun, and the moon; are the main sources of inspiration for necklaces designed with inspiration from nature. At the same time, the symbols on the tarot cards, each of which tells a separate event, took their places in long necklaces.

Long Necklace Prices

Prices of long necklaces on our site; It varies between 600 TL and 9900 TL depending on the model, the stone used, and the gram.

What is 14K Gold Plated?

24-karat gold is the purest gold. 14-carat gold is obtained by adding various metals into 24-carat gold. The lower the gold setting, the more solid it becomes. For this reason, 14-carat gold is a more accurate option to use when making jewelry than 24-carat gold. 14-carat gold plating is applied to the coating of the gold obtained by fine cutting of 14-carat gold to the main material. It is a very common method used in jewelry.

Does Gold Necklace Cause Allergies?

Pure gold is very unlikely to cause allergies. However, when other metals are mixed into it, the possibility of allergy increases. In the gold-plated jewelry on our site, the main plated material is silver. Silver is also hypoallergenic, meaning it does not cause allergic reactions. However, in some people with extremely sensitive skin, both silver and gold (even pure) can cause allergies, although it is unlikely.

Do Stones Fall in Diamond Necklaces?

Whether the diamond falls or not depends on the quality of the product you receive. In jewelry that is reliable, guaranteed, certified, and bought from known places; Cases such as a diamond drop are extremely rare.

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