How to Tell Gold? How to Tell at Home That Gold Is Gold?

How to Tell Gold?

Although there are many answers to the question of how to understand gold, professional support must be sought to reveal the full value of gold. Gold is among the highly prized items, so many fake versions of gold have been uncovered. Many of these versions are released quite realistically.


Of course, it is possible to distinguish the fake from the real one, but not every method can give accurate results. For this reason, it is more important to get support from professionals. But up to a point, you can discern whether the gold is real or not on your own.


How to Tell at Home That Gold Is Gold?

The most sought-after answer to the question of how to understand that gold is gold is how we can understand it in home conditions. There are some practical ways to distinguish fake gold from real gold. The first method for this is to look carefully. Although it seems very simple, we can say that the gold surface is a serious criterion when researching pure gold.

There may be some markings on the surface of the gold to indicate that it is genuine, it may be written who the manufacturer is. There may be information about the setting information. Surface texture and various shapes are of great importance in the search for authenticity or original gold.

Especially gold-plated materials can be very realistic in terms of texture, but it is possible to reach the right result through various expressions. This is the easiest answer to the question of how to understand gold at home. Apart from that, by biting, magnet help

It is possible to search for gold in domestic conditions by checking it with a metallurgical instrument, rubbing against ceramic type objects, and density tests.


How Is It Easiest To Tell That Gold Is Gold?

Another of the easiest ways to understand gold is the weight test. Gold is an element that reaches high values in terms of specific gravity. For this reason, real gold products are much heavier than other gold products. You can compare the weight with products made of full, quarter gold or gold such as resat, necklaces, bracelets that look similar. Apart from the weight test, the stamp test is one of the other ways to understand that gold is gold.

In the stamp test, the stamp details on the gold must be checked. Information such as the carat and purity of the gold is stamped on the gold by the manufacturer. Even if there is no stamp, this gold may be real, but you should not be sure of the authenticity of such gold products without professional support. Stamps may include the company's own emblems, as well as purity and carat information.

If you see the emblems of trusted brands, this gold may be real. However, it should not be forgotten that these stamps can be imitated. Other tests are the color test and the price test. Price testing is again one of the simplest ways. Although it is said to be gold, a gold product sold well below the market price may not be real.

These types of scam attempts should be watched out for. In the color test, attention should be paid to whether the gold turns into copper and brass. If this type of color shift is in question, this material may not be gold, but a product produced from a different and simple element.


What Are The Methods To Find Out If A Gold Is Real Or Fake?

All the methods described to determine whether a gold is real or fake allow you to get accurate results up to a point. If a serious investment is to be made, it is recommended to purchase gold or jewelry products containing gold in reliable places.

It should be remembered that trusted stores or manufacturers are audited and have various certificates. You can come across fake, imitated gold products in some other underground places.

In order to understand whether a gold is real or not, getting professional support will provide a definitive result.

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