You can choose the ones you want among many beautiful and elegant options and add elegance to your combination with gold chain necklaces. 14-karat gold necklaces have both diamond and natural gemstone options. You can find these necklaces in elegant and stylish models at Createrra.

Gold Chain Necklace Models

Hypoallergenic (low allergic reaction) necklaces, each of which is made of 14k gold, are designed in many models. You can get a more elegant look by choosing natural stone necklaces or diamond necklaces. There are stylish gold chain necklace models of the Runda brand on our site.

Gold Chains

There are necklaces in various models made of 14-carat gold. Geometric, simple, and stylish shapes were preferred in their designs. While stoneless models are designed in such a way that they do not even need stones; The elegance of the necklace has been increased with the models with stones.

Diamond Gold Chain Necklaces

14-karat gold chain necklaces have models with diamonds. CVD diamonds added to stylish models make the necklace even more beautiful. The diamond stone added to these necklace models, which are inspired by the sun, rebirth, sunset/rise, and many other things make the necklace even more eye-catching. You can find stylish necklaces on our website.

Natural Stone Gold Chain Necklaces

14-karat gold chain necklaces have models with natural stones as well as models with diamonds. Natural stones added to stylish models make the necklace much more eye-catching. You can view the gold chain necklaces that have become even more elegant with Malachite stone, Chloris stone, and Cubic Zircon stone on our site. What is CVD Diamond? The CVD method ensures that diamonds are produced without the need for high heat and pressure during diamond production. In recent years, diamonds produced by the CVD method are more common. This method also ensures that the quality of the jewelry is maintained and more cost-effective crystals are created.

How Many Grams Are 14K Gold Chain Necklaces?

The gold chain necklaces on our site weigh an average of 2.3 grams. In necklaces with stones or necklaces with diamonds, an increase of 1-2 grams can be seen according to the weight of the stone or diamond.

What are Gold Chain Necklace Prices?

The prices of gold chain necklaces without natural stones and without diamonds are between 3.300 TL and 7.300 TL. The prices of gold chain necklaces with diamonds are between 3.900 TL and 6.000 TL. The prices of gold chain necklaces with natural stones are between 2,200 TL and 9,900 TL. The price differences are based on the size and type of the natural stone or diamond and the weight of the gold chain.

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