Natural Stone Bracelet

Runda Jewelry continues to attract the attention of all female customers with its natural stone bracelet models. Bracelet models with unique beauty with natural stones become perfect with Runda's designs. Runda's natural stone bracelet models are a few steps ahead of many models in the market in terms of their qualities. Runda natural stone bracelet models are produced in 14-carat gold or gold-plated silver. Runda, Turkey's first sustainable gold jewelry brand, works on unique minimal designs by producing its jewelry from recycled gold. It brings a different perspective to the elegance designed by combining the attractive beauty of the Sun and the Moon with their meaning in our lives.

14K Gold Natural Stone Bracelet Models

Today, natural stones are offered to buyers by changing and diversifying day by day with increasing demand and interest. The qualities and meanings of each natural stone may vary. 14-karat gold natural stone bracelet models are presented with a minimal design approach at Runda. If you are looking for alternative models to gold, you can examine the 14-karat gold-plated malachite silver bracelet models. The 14-carat gold-plated diamond red stone silver bracelet model, in which both diamonds and natural stones are used, is also quite remarkable. If you only want a model with CVC diamonds, you can examine the 14-carat gold-plated diamond silver bracelet models.

Meet Runda's Fine Handcrafted Natural Stone Bracelets

Machines are not used in all accessory designs of Runda, and it is preferred that they are produced by the hand by their craftsmen. Thanks to the preservation of the old mode of production, which time cannot replace, instead of fast consumption, master craftsmen are provided to train new craftsmen, and the idea of ethical production is adopted to carry fine craftsmanship to the future. Natural stone bracelet models prepared with fine craftsmanship are more elegant and unique than the bracelets produced by the machine.

Show Your Style With Natural Stone Bracelets Inspired by Nature's Cycle

In its design and all of its production processes, Runda is inspired by the cycle of nature, integrating the flawless forms of nature and the idea of sustainability with fine craftsmanship. For this reason, it uses 100% recycled and soil-soluble materials in all its collections, from raw materials of jewelry models to packaging materials. The natural stone bracelet models you will buy from Runda are delivered to you with a seed card describing the inspiration in its design. Runda, a sustainable gold jewelry brand inspired by nature, offers its products to you by aiming to return what comes from nature to nature.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Natural Stone Bracelet

While choosing natural stone bracelet models specially designed for people who are curious about precious stones known as natural stones, can be difficult to choose. Questions such as which natural stone should be preferred for the bracelet, which arms the bracelet should be worn on, or where to buy natural stone bracelets may be wondered. Among the Runda natural stone bracelet models, the first quarter and tide models in which the Onyx stone, which is believed to be the opposite of negative energies, are used, suggest helping you choose jewelry. In addition to Onyx stone, Runda natural stone bracelet models, in which CVD diamond and malachite stone are used, are also waiting for you.

Pure Gold and Gold Plated Natural Stone Bracelets

The most demanded type of gold in the use of accessories is 14-karat gold models, which contain 54% gold. 14-carat gold and 14-carat gold plating types are also used in Runda natural stone bracelet models. 14-karat gold-plated natural stone bracelet models on silver have no difference in appearance from pure gold bracelets. Since the coating quality of the Runda brand is high, there is no deformation in your gold-plated natural stone bracelets. With 14-karat gold-plated natural stone bracelet models, you will not exceed your budget and do not compromise on your elegance.

Natural Stone Bracelet Prices

Natural stone bracelet prices have a very wide price range. The first reason for this is the difference between 14-carat gold and 14-carat gold plating. Another factor that creates price differences is the precious stones used in bracelet models. The prices of natural stone bracelet models with diamonds are higher than malachite and onyx stone. Considering the uniqueness and fine craftsmanship of natural stone bracelets designed by Runda, inspired by nature, their prices are quite affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Stone Bracelets

Which Accessories Can Natural Stone Bracelet Be Combined With?

One of the most question marks before purchasing jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or rings is that jewelry should be used in harmony. For this reason, users pay special attention to ensure that the purchased jewelry is in harmony with the clothes and other jewelry. You can achieve a unique harmony by using gold chain necklaces or gold long necklace models with your natural stone wrists. In addition, among our models, the jewelry in the Runda Helios, Runda Harmony, and Runda Moonlight collections are among the collections prepared by keeping harmony at the highest level.

Which arm is the natural stone bracelet attached to?

There are no conditions such as wearing natural stone bracelet models on the left or right arm. When you wear your natural stone bracelet, you can use it on which arm you think fits better. Usually, if there is a watch or other jewelry on one arm, the other arm is preferred for a natural stone bracelet. However, if you think that your natural stone bracelet will be compatible with your other accessories, you can wear them together.

What Does a Natural Stone Bracelet Do?

Natural stone bracelet models have different benefits besides completing your style. First of all, natural stone bracelet models attract people because they look colorful and quite elegant. In addition, since every natural stone is unique, there is no similar accessory as an accessory. But apart from these, it is also believed that natural stone bracelet models help to bring healing power directly to your body. It is even said that among the benefits of natural stone bracelets, it is good even for pain in the body. That's why you can buy a natural stone bracelet and choose love, happiness, abundance, or whatever you wish for and wear it as a reminder of your connection and intent to the world around you.

Which Natural Stone Is Good For What?

Natural stone bracelet features are different from each other. It is believed that Onyx natural stone balances male-female relationships and ensures healthy communication. It gives whatever energy the people who carry this natural stone on it need. It is believed to be effective against the evil eye, especially since it has the feature of preventing negative and negative energy. In addition, the onyx stone is thought to help the person make the right decision as it removes confusion and eliminates the lack of concentration. Malachite is a stone of balance, intent, abundance, and manifestation. It absorbs negative energy and draws emotions to the surface. It also clears and activates all chakras. It is especially known as the stone of joy and has a calming and calming effect. You can find the most suitable model for your needs and taste by examining the malachite and onyx natural stone bracelet models in the Runda accessory collections.

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