Silver Bracelets

Silver is one of the metal types with the hardest structure among precious metals. Since silver has a very bright and reflective structure, it can be used in daily life and different areas simply and elegantly. Silver is frequently used in accessories and ornaments. Among the accessory types, silver comes as the most valuable metal after gold mine and is the most preferred metal thanks to its ease of purchasing power. Silver jewelry that appeals to all ages is especially preferred in bracelet models. Recently, jewelry and accessories have become an important complement and supporter of your style and elegance. Runda Jewelry directs its designs by being inspired by the mystery and cycle of nature in all its accessories. Silver bracelets, one of the favorite jewelry of women, are offered to you in different models. Among the silver bracelet models, the models in which the movements of the Sun and the Moon are designed as a theme stand out one step further. Runda manufactures 14-carat gold-plated silver bracelet models with fine handwork.

Attractive 14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Bracelet Models

Silver bracelet women's models can be used alone, as well as worn with several bracelets. You can use it comfortably for many years by choosing the most suitable models for your style from silver bracelets with many models. You can easily wear the unique designs of the silver bracelet models offered to you by the world of Runda Jewelry at any time of the day. You can elegantly use silver bracelet models designed for different styles together with classic, sports, and alternative clothing styles. With gold-plated silver bracelets that never go out of fashion and always come to the fore, you can take a step forward with your eye-catching style wherever you enter. In Runda's silver bracelet models designed with inspiration from the Sun, you can see that this star, which provides vitality and is the source of life for us, turns into a narrative through jewelry.

Wear Unique Sterling Silver Bracelets with Runda's Fine Craftsmanship

Runda prefers the manual labor of its artisans, not machines, in all production stages. Thanks to its designs that preserve the old styles, where time cannot reduce the value time instead of fast production, it works with the goal of ethical production for master craftsmen to train new craftsmen and to carry fine craftsmanship to the future. Perfect silver bracelet models, created with fine craftsmanship, are much more elegant and unique than the bracelets produced by the machine. You can buy the most suitable one for your style by examining the 14-carat gold-plated malachite stone silver bracelet models, which are produced with fine workmanship.

Create a Unique Style with Sterling Silver Bracelets Inspired by Nature's Cycle

Inspired by the cycle of nature in its name, design, and production processes, the Runda brand combines the flawless forms of nature and the principle of sustainability with fine craftsmanship in its accessories. For this reason, it uses 100% recycled and soil-soluble materials in all sections from the raw materials of the jewelry models in all of its collections to packaging materials. The 14-carat gold-plated silver bracelets you will buy from Runda are delivered to you in eco-friendly packaging, with a small seed card describing the inspiration in its design. Runda, a unique nature-inspired, and sustainable gold jewelry brand produce accessory models to return what comes from nature to nature.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Silver Bracelet

Before buying a silver bracelet, it can be difficult to be sure about its authenticity. To understand how to recognize real silver bracelets, you should first know that the tarnishing of a silver product is normal due to its nature. To prevent a silver product from tarnishing, it should be kept away from moist environments and water. However, to be sure during the purchase, the setting of the raw material used must be taken into account and the certificates of the place of purchase must be examined. As a brand, Runda is working very carefully on this issue. Producing original designs by integrating recycled raw materials with its designs in silver bracelet models, Runda uses raw materials of 14-carat gold on 925 sterling silver.

Silver Bracelet Prices

The prices of silver bracelet models vary according to the setting, weight, raw material used, and the stones in its design. If you want to buy a silver bracelet at an affordable price, you should choose according to the value of the stone used on it. In the prices of silver bracelets, the value of the stones used on them is of great importance as much as the silver. In particular, the type of precious stones on silver bracelets directly affects the price of the product. The prices of silver bracelet models with 14-carat gold-plated CVC diamonds (laboratory-developed diamonds) are slightly higher than other stones. 14-carat gold-plated silver bracelet prices have a wide price range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Silver Bracelet

Which Accessories Can Silver Bracelet Be Combined With?

Using silver bracelet models with other accessories and combining them, of course, is primarily determined according to personal tastes. However, among the jewelry to be combined with silver bracelets, silver necklace models and natural stone necklace models can be a very good choice in terms of harmony. Runda aims to create harmony between the creative and minimal collections and accessories in its designs.

How to Clean a Silver Bracelet?

Silver is one of the most preferred and affordable metals in jewelry design and is used in the design of many accessories. Silver accessories are negatively affected by external factors such as dust, dirt, sweat, and oil over time and become dark or dirty. In such cases, silver jewelry needs to be cleaned properly to return to its original shine. When the silver bracelet gets dark or dirty, it can be cleaned with household materials such as toothpaste, dish soap, soap, and vinegar water.

How to Polish a Silver Bracelet?

Silver bracelet models may darken over time, especially depending on the usage situation and environment. Sweat, dirt, moisture, or oil can cause silver to tarnish. This darkening results in the bracelet not looking as good as it did on the first day. In such a situation, you have the chance to shine your silver bracelet. Silver bracelets can be easily and quickly polished by the producing companies. In case of blackening on your silver bracelet, you can take advantage of the polishing process by talking to the company you purchased it from. In addition, you can easily polish silver bracelets that darken over time with materials such as lemon, vinegar, baking soda, toothpaste, and salt at home.

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