With 14-karat gold-plated silver earrings, each more stylish than the other, you will shine in the environment you enter and draw attention to yourself. If you are going to add elegance to your elegance and contribute to sustainability by choosing sustainable earrings, each of which is decorated with different stones and diamonds, differently. You can find 14-karat gold-plated silver earring models from Createrra.

14K Gold Plated Silver Earring Models

You can find many gold-plated silver earrings from natural stone earrings to diamond earrings, from black enamel earrings to simple earrings and you can have your favorite ones. In gold-plated silver earrings with diamonds, you can choose colorful models such as blue and pink tones in earth tones, or you can combine your outfit with gold-plated silver earring models with malachite stone. These 14-carat gold-plated silver earrings, produced locally by the Runda Jewelry brand; are produced from recycled products, without the use of chemicals and harmful dyes, to reduce their carbon footprint. You can find fairly produced handmade earrings on our page.

What is Gold Plated?

Gold plating is the process of bonding a layer of gold made of real gold onto the base metal. It is a frequently preferred process in jewelry. It is almost impossible to distinguish carefully plated jewelry from gold jewelry, which is more expensive than plated jewelry. Many metals such as silver, nickel, and copper can be plated with gold. The purity of plated gold can also vary, just like solid gold.

Does Gold Plated Peel or Tarnish?

Gold-plated jewelry can peel and tarnish over time, but this happens regardless of the quality of the piece. Gold is a metal that does not rust and does not peel off. Peeling and tarnishing are not caused by gold plating, but by the main material with which gold is coated. Over time, the molecules of this main substance pass into the gold layer and affect its appearance. If the base material is nickel plated before the gold-plating process, tarnishing and peeling can be avoided.

Do Gold Plated Silver Earrings Cause Allergies?

High-quality and high-carat gold and silver are less likely to cause allergies. Allergic reactions are usually caused by the dyestuffs used. You can minimize the possibility of allergy by choosing hypoallergenic (low probability of allergy) gold-plated silver earrings, in which the Runda Jewelry brand does not use harmful chemicals.

What are the Prices of Gold Plated Silver Earrings?

The prices of gold-plated silver earrings on our site vary between 600 TL and 1,600 TL. Prices of gold-plated silver earrings vary depending on the model of the earring, whether it contains natural stones or diamonds, and whether it is black enameled.

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