How to Tell if Gold is Fake?

Gold, which is the most used precious metal in jewelry today, easily becomes everyone's favorite with its sparkle and elegance. Especially 14 carat gold plated jewelry designs are very popular. These can be preferred as stylish and impressive jewelry options in daily life. But if gold is really gold, it will be stylish and impressive. So, when buying gold jewelry, can you tell if the gold is real?

Genuine gold jewelry has a unique sparkle that indicates wealth and prestige. The reason why gold has been a symbol of royalty throughout the ages is that it is immortal and reflects wealth. You may not understand them the first time you look at real gold. But don't worry, there are some ways to tell if gold is real. With a few small tests you can do at home, you can tell if your gold jewelry is fake or real. In the continuation of our article, you can discover ways to understand whether your gold jewelry is genuine gold. 

What is the Difference Between Fake Gold and Real Gold?

There is a common saying that not everything that shines is gold. Especially when there are many ways to make fake gold look real these days, the meaning of this phrase becomes even more valuable. Fake gold is most commonly obtained by coating another metal with 24-carat gold. This method creates the illusion that all metal is gold. So only a thin layer on the surface is gold. The rest is worthless metal. 

False gold, which is actually too hard and light to be gold, has some properties.

  • Fake gold is usually brighter than real gold.
  • Fake gold changes brightness and color in different lights.
  • Real gold does not change under any different light.
  • Fake gold is much lighter.
  • Real gold does not bend, break or lose its shine.

We said that there are some ways to distinguish between real and fake gold. Gold and other metals present different interactions under different ambient conditions. By doing some tests, it can be understood whether the gold is real or not. Genuine gold and fake gold can be easily detected for gold-plated jewelry, such as gold-plated bracelets.

What are the Ways to Identify Fake Gold?

Fake gold manifests itself with certain changes under certain conditions. This also applies to your jewelry, such as a 14-karat gold-plated ring. If the top gold plating is genuine gold, it will pass the tests successfully. We can list the methods that can be applied to understand whether the gold is fake as follows:

  • Skin Test
  • You can watch the interaction by holding your gold jewelry in the palm of your hand for a few minutes. Fake gold reacts with the sweat on your hands, creating a bluish-greenish color on your skin. If your gold plated bracelet leaves such colors on your wrist, it is not real gold plated.

  • Makeup Test
  • You can try the gold test by applying make-up to your skin with liquid foundation and powder. Gently press your gold jewelry to the place where you apply liquid foundation and powder. If the gold touching the skin leaves a black mark, the gold is real.

  • Magnet Test
  • You can do this test by placing a magnet next to your gold jewelry. Since gold is not magnetic, the magnet should not attract the jewelry. However, some other metals may not be magnetic. Therefore, it is better to perform this test together with other tests.

  • Float Test 
  • You can evaluate the originality by putting your gold jewelry in a bowl of water. Gold is a dense metal. It does not float on water. If your jewelry is not floating in water, it is likely to be real gold. However, this test is not valid for alloy jewelry such as gold plated silver diamond bracelets.

  • Vinegar Test
  • If you pour vinegar on your gold jewelry and the jewelry changes color, it is not real. The vinegar test is a simple test but is not suitable for models containing multiple precious metals, such as gold plated silver bracelets.

    These tests are valid for gold jewelry. And there are many more testing options too. Tests such as the acid test are not suitable for home use. These tests may not be valid for jewelry containing more than one precious substance, such as gold-plated diamond bracelets. 

    These tests can also be done for gold-plated jewelry, but it would be more accurate to do the sub-item tests as well. Since there will be silver in a gold-plated silver jewelry, the reactions of the silver should also be taken into consideration.

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