Hoop Earring Models: Complementary Element of Combinations!

hoop earring modelsAs one of the strongest representatives of the timeless fashion trend, it continues to undertake the complementarity of the combinations and attract the attention of all of us. The hoop earrings, which can adapt to all your changing roles and outfits during the day, are an indispensable part of the elegance of every period by adapting to every fashion sense. Today, fashion has become a canvas on which we can reflect who we are, while jewelry is undoubtedly the last brushstroke of our combination. Hoop earrings, on the other hand, continue to be the last striking blow of many combinations for years with their timeless use and harmony with every identity.

What is Hoop Earrings? What You Need To Know About Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings, which are perhaps one of the oldest products of jewellery, which is the oldest known craft, have been used for ages since their shape was relatively difficult to produce in periods when technical possibilities were not very developed. The hoop earrings, which adorn every woman who plays a role in the history scene, especially the examples of Ancient Rome and Sumer, have become one of the most favorite ornaments of civilizations with their familiar forms such as today's small hoop earring models or stone hoop earring models.

This jewelry, which has been able to appeal to the taste of both the people, the kings or the nobles in many past cultures, has a special place thanks to its easy combination with different clothes. While gold makes every jewelry magical with its immortality and flamboyance, they can become the star part of every combination by adding strength to their harmony with hoop earrings.

Where to Find the Most Affordable Hoop Earring Models?

While choosing between hoop earring models, the suitability of the price is an important determinant besides the factors such as the design and the stone used. With the development of digital shopping in the jewelry market, where many brands are present, we come across many options. It is now possible to find gold hoop earrings, the favorite part of your jewelry collection, for all tastes and budgets, with one click. 

The gold setting used in earrings is one of the primary reasons affecting the prices. The term karat, which indicates the purity of gold, is used to inform the consumer. 14 carat gold hoop earrings prices are more affordable in this respect.

Besides, of course, we should not forget the silver hoop earrings. Silver earrings, which are offered at much more affordable prices than gold earrings, combine gold-plated models with the glitz and elegance of gold at an affordable price. 

How to Choose the Suitable Hoop Earrings for Combined?

Hoop earrings are one of the rare accessories that many users can choose both in a stylish invitation and in places such as the gym. Hoop earrings, which were popular in the 90s, are gaining popularity again today. There are many points that we should not overlook when choosing among the hoop earring models that even people with different fashion understandings can use in common. 

First of all, we should pay attention to our face shape when choosing between hoop earrings. Small hoop earring models usually suit the faces called round faces. Large hoop earrings models are a model that you should choose according to your height. Although it may sound strange, large hoop earrings can make you look shorter than you are. That's why our face shape and height are an important factor when choosing our hoop earrings.  

The stylish appearance of hoop earrings, which can be combined with any fashion sense and outfit, is a comforting feature as it has a wide range of use. You can try small hoop earring models for your formal meetings, or you can choose bun and ponytail hairstyles to reveal your neck and face. 

Runda Hoop Earring Models

As Runda, we design our earring models inspired by the timelessness of hoop earrings and the nature itself, and strive to be the most favorite part of your unique style at every step of the preparation. We conquer nature with our environmentally friendly production approach and your heart with our timeless and original design.

14K Gold Plated Moon and Cycles Sterling Silver Earrings 

Moon and Cycles hoop earring modelOurs has a design that depicts the motion of the Moon. While the combination of jet black enamel and gold-plated silver leaves an impressive impression, it adapts to every mood and situation by using the variability of the phases of the inspired moon. It is here now as a timeless model that keeps up with your change and reflects every woman in you.

This silver hoop earring model, plated with 14 carat gold, is sent to every address in the world with free shipping service. You can also have these hoop earrings, which are produced by RUNDA craftsmen with an environmentally friendly approach and handcraft, with one click.

14K Gold Plated Eclipse Reflection Silver Earrings

It has a black enamel design. Eclipse Reflection Our model has gained an eye-catching form with gold plating. One of the valuable pieces of the Moonlight collection, the model is designed on 925 sterling silver. Since it has an appearance that can be used with different dresses, it appeals to our customers with many different styles. The design, which is about the moon going into the shadow of the Earth during the eclipse, is the perfect complement to complete your combinations if you are interested in the sky!

Giants' Sidewalk 14k Gold Earrings

RUNDA continues to add new designs to its unique designs inspired by nature. Giants' Sidewalk The earring model is inspired by a natural wonder in Ireland. This geological structure was formed by a volcanic activity that lasted for many years; The hexagonal stones give the ground layer a unique appearance. Among the gold small hoop earring models and included in the Harmony collection, the Giants Pavement model is a simple yet powerful complement to your every style with its clasp-lock design.

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