What are Gold Settings? What is Millie Calculator?

 What are Gold Settings?

Gold settings are very important for anyone who uses gold for both accessories and investments. It is precisely for this reason that answering the question of how gold is calculated becomes valuable. The miracle of gold jewellery, when combined with natural forms, not only gives an impressive appearance and aesthetics, but also expresses a value as a jewellery.

Gold, which reaches 99.99% purity in nature, can be mixed with different elements when processed, and the value of the alloys formed differs. Let's take a look at the settings of this precious item, which is in our lives with gold earrings, gold bracelets and much more jewelry.


What is Millie Calculator?

Milyem calculation is considered to be the operation that is at the center of the gold adjustment. For this reason, the millionem account is very important when buying and selling gold jewellery. We seem to hear the question of how it is calculated when selling gold. So listen to us carefully. Because when determining the highest gold setting, you need to calculate the milliem. For example, how is a 22-carat bracelet calculated?

This is where my mil comes in! The milliem equivalent of 22 carat gold is set to 916 and all settings have a different milliem value. Milyem calculation is made by evaluating the purity of gold out of 1000, and the setting of gold determines its purity.

When setting up the calculation equation, it is necessary to divide the pure gold mass in the content by the total mass and multiply by 1000. This offers the milliem value you need. While 24 carat gold is equal to the purest gold rate in nature, i.e. 99.99%, the purity value decreases as the carat amount decreases.


Gold Settings and Colors

Colors can also have a meaning when it comes to calculating gold carat! Because the colors of gold material represent different alloys. White gold settings using a mixture of platinum and nickel can be calculated differently compared to other gold materials. Thus, it is possible to reach different milliem values for each.

Let's not miss this point that needs attention. Since alloys are pure gold mixed with different elements, the gold setting and color may differ depending on the value of the element. The yellow color we all know comes from a mixture of zinc. However, when mixed with silver, this color becomes green.


Gold Settings and Prices 

 Gold settings and prices can be explained entirely in terms of milliem values. Of course, different colors have different price ranges. The question to be asked here will be how to understand the gold settings. Of course, this is a matter of mastery, but if you shop from the right place, you can have peace of mind as the current milliem value will also be known.

Since gold is an item that is traded all over the world, there may be changes in pricing according to community movements. For example, prices may increase during the period of intense marriages. In other words, demand can create variability in prices, but in general, the higher the gold setting, the more valuable it is.


Why is Gold Investment Important?

Gram gold settings or adjustments made on jewelry... Each of them is actually related to the fact that gold is a valuable investment tool. The gold that makes our world shine does not lose its value. Let alone losing, it continues to increase its value over time. We must use it wisely and perpetuate the cycle of our world.

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