How to Choose Jewelry Suitable for Skin Tone?

When choosing jewelry, you should consider new designs, material, how much it reflects our lifestyle, jewelry fashion, etc. we are looking. We focus on choosing the most fashionable jewelry. Of course, we should consider these criteria when making our choices, but we should not forget that the stance of the jewelry changes from person to person, just as a perfume smells different for everyone. That's why we should also consider our hair, face shape and skin tone when choosing jewelry. So how to choose jewelry suitable for skin tone? To find out the answer to this question, you first need to determine your skin tone.


How to determine skin undertone?


To determine your skin undertone, it is enough to look at your veins on a sunny day. If you see green veins when you look at the veins on your wrists or temples in daylight, you have a warm skin tone. If you see blue veins, your skin tone is cool. Those who see both green and blue veins also have a neutral skin tone.


cool skin undertone


People with intense pink pigments under the skin are grouped as cold skin undertones. Contrary to popular belief, these people are not just white skinned. A brunette can also have a cool skin undertone. Especially blue, purple, dark burgundy and light pink tones suit people with cold skin undertones. Jewelry designed with silver or white gold is very compatible with the skin of these people. If your skin tone is cold, you can choose jewelry that uses stones such as sapphire and amethyst in jewelry making.


warm skin undertone


People with yellow pigments under the skin have a warm skin tone. Orange, close to orange red and green tones suit these people more. If you are someone with a warm skin tone, jewelry using jewelry materials such as ruby and emerald will suit you very well. In addition, gold and copper-colored designs will be the right choice for these people.


neutral skin undertone


People with neutral skin tones are much luckier than others because they can choose the jewelry they want regardless of what material is used in jewelry production.

They can use the jewelry they want according to their liking among the new fashion jewelry.






Jewelry that matches your skin tone


In addition to skin undertones, your skin color can also give you a clue for choosing the right jewelry. Silver jewelry suits people with white and wheat skin, and gold or rose gold jewelry suits people with dark skin.


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