Discover Jewelry That Matches Your Skin Color

Jewelry means much more than the details that complete the look. Jewelry selections that are compatible with skin color create a radiant beauty harmony. By determining your skin type and making choices accordingly, you can catch your own harmony and have the beauty details you want with the jewelry you buy.  

The reason why skin tones look better with certain materials and certain gemstones is the integrity of the skin with the jewelry. According to skin color, jewelry can be preferred by looking at both the material of the jewelry and the design of the jewelry. Some skin tones may look good with yellow and some skin tones with white gold. 

The color of the gemstones used in jewelry design can also reflect the perfect style when it is in harmony with the skin tone. At the same time, the structure of the skin is compatible with some materials, but not with others. To determine skin color, you should look at your veins under natural light. You can use the following tips to determine your skin color.

  • Warm undertones if your veins look a little green under natural light
  • Cool undertones if your veins appear blue and purple under natural light.
  • If a mix of both looks is revealed under natural light, you may have skin tone with neutral undertones.

Round We allow you to use jewelry that will reflect yourself with different stylish designs. Among our collections, you can find stylish designs that will suit your skin and attract attention.

Necklaces for Fair Skin

skin color; It is classified as light, dark and medium color. Undertones are warm, cool and neutral tones. Jewelry suitable for fair skin are especially yellow gold and diamond jewelry. Precious stones such as emerald, sapphire, coral and agate are suitable for fair-skinned people. Peach, orange, lilac color tones are color tones that suit light skinned people. 

Necklaces with blue details are among the alternative options that achieve harmony in fair-skinned people. Gold-diamond jewelry designs offer great options for those with fair skin tones. Our Gold An 14k Gold Agate Stone Long Chain Necklace model is one of the very stylish options suitable for fair skin. If you are looking for a necklace that is both elegant with its design and compatible with your light skin, you can also take a look at the 14K Gold Eucalyptus Flower Necklace model. If you want to make a flashy and stylish choice, you will also like our Sunrise and Sunset 14K Diamond Gold Necklace model.

Earrings That Will Look Amazing on Dark Skin

The most suitable jewelry for dark skin are rose gold and white diamond jewelry. Silver-gold jewelry is also suitable for dark and wheat skinned people. Details in green, purple, lilac and red tones are stylish color details in jewelry for dark skinned people. 

In addition, the black-yellow-gold harmony suits dark-skinned people very well. Our 14K Gold Fuchsia Earring model is one of the perfect options for brunettes. Our Black Enameled First Quarter 14K Earrings model completes the elegance of dark skinned people with its yellow gold-black harmony. Malachite Stone Nature Contrast Earring model can be one of the daily jewelry choices with its minimalist design. If you are looking for an elegant and simple style, you can take a look at our Seeds of Simplicity Diamond Earrings design. If you are looking for modern and impressive styles, such as Ethnic Harmony, Amorphous, Dynamism, Linear. gold earrings You can evaluate our models.

Discover the Most Effective Jewelry According to Your Skin Type

Skin structure does not only refer to the color visible from the outside. The skin undertone and the biological characteristics of the skin are also the criteria that determine the skin structure. Some skins may be sensitive to certain materials. When wearing jewelry such as necklaces, earrings or bracelets, the reason why there are problems such as redness of the skin is that the jewelry is not suitable for the skin structure. 

Jewelry suitable for skin structure; It does not cause allergies, is skin-friendly and of high quality. It is necessary to pay attention to the choice of material so that the jewelry does not irritate the skin. High-carat gold and silver are materials that do not harm the skin and do not cause allergies. Imitation metal jewelry can cause skin problems. Because the different substances in these jewelry can cause allergies. For example, nickel is one of the most allergenic jewelry materials. For this reason, when choosing jewelry, you should turn to quality options in the style of original gold-plated, high-carat silver, gold-silver or gold-diamond. 

Silver Bracelets That Do Not Harm Sensitive Skin

Wrongly chosen bracelets and wristbands can easily cause skin problems. It is necessary to stay away from imitation and fake bracelets, which can cause undesirable conditions such as darkening, itching or rash on the skin. You can examine the high-caliber, original silver bracelet options that do not harm sensitive skin on our site. 

You have the opportunity to make both healthy and stylish choices among our gold-plated silver bracelet models. We design all our designs with quality materials and workmanship. In this respect, you can safely use all of our collections.

Our Gold Plated Silver Diamond Green Fairy model can be considered as a very elegant and stylish design. Our designs such as Renewal of the Sun, Infinite Nature, Earth Tones allow you to capture modern styles and are skin-friendly jewelry. You can see the artistic design difference in the elegance details inspired by nature in gold, gold-plated silver, gold-diamond bracelet models that can be easily worn by those with sensitive skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which Jewelry Doesn't Cause Allergies?
  • High-calibrated gold and silver jewelry, gold-plated silver jewelry, gold-diamond jewelry are allergy-free jewelry.

  • Does Jewelry Irritate Skin?
  • Imitation and fake gold and low-pitched silver jewelry irritate the skin. Imitation metal jewelry, especially nickel-mixed, causes skin irritation. Genuine gold and silver jewelry will not harm the skin.

  • Which Jewelry Should I Wear According to My Skin Color?
  • If you have dark or wheat complexion, you can choose jewelry with emerald green stone details. You can also take a look at our jewelry designed with yellow gold-black color harmony. Gold-plated diamond jewelry is also jewelry that suits dark skinned people. If you have white skin, you should definitely take a look at our agate jewelry designs. You can also look at models with gold malachite stones. Gold-diamond jewelry models are suitable for both dark and light skinned people.

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