Step into Infinity with the Endless Collection

Take a step into eternity with the Endless Collection of Runda, Turkey's first sustainable gold jewelry brand. So what is the runda endless collection? Discover the gold jewelery inspired by the infinity of existence. Discover runda products produced with special malachite embroidery, special handcraft and sustainable methods. Click on our website for runda gold-plated silver jewelry, gold-plated diamond jewelry, gold-plated silver diamond jewelry and more, offered to you with special designs that you feel belong to in runda, where pure gold and natural production come together.


The Beauty of Malachite Meets with Gold Plated Jewelry

The beauty of malachite meets gold-plated jewelry. First, let's take a look at what malachite is. Malachite has unique, flamboyant, bright green colors. And malachite stone is natural carbonate minaret with healing. It has a bright and shiny structure with its unique chemical structure. The reason for the name malachite comes from its color. What are the properties of malachite stone? Malachite has emerged thanks to soft copper and carbonate. According to beliefs, malachite has protective and healing properties. Malachite also helps to heal and rest our soul. It protects from negative emotions and thoughts and removes toxic energy. Not only these, but also it is believed that malachite symbolizes love and understanding in human relations. It is also believed to be good for menstrual pain and cramps. It adds value by meeting with gold-plated jewelry designed with malachite stone runda, which has many unique features.


A Look at the Infinite Beauty of Nature with Jewelry

Examine runda products with handicrafts and sustainable gold usage combined with the endless beauties offered by nature. Do not miss the special stones that nature offers us, such as malachite stones, in your jewelry now. Thanks to the malachite stone runda, which is believed to have many unique features, you can now take a look at the endless beauty of nature with runda jewelry, with special designs and natural productions.


Carry the Greenness of Nature on Your Chest, Wrist and Hands

Malachite, which is synonymous with grass in Greek, carries the greenness of nature both in its name and in its color. Malachite stone has been used in important areas from past to present. Malachite stone, which was used a lot by alchemists in the past and was used as a wisdom and healing stone at that time, is still used today. It is believed that it regulates blood pressure, improves blood circulation, and has healing properties for cardiovascular diseases. Malachite stone, which has many more features, now produces designs for you to carry the green of nature on your chest, wrist and hands with its unique handcraft and gold-plated features in the sustainable jewelry brand rune.


Complete Your Combinations with the Perfect Color Harmony of Gold Plated Silver Diamonds

Complete your combinations with the magnificent color harmony of gold-plated silver diamonds. Integrate your combinations with runda by personalizing jewelry designed with sustainable production and unique, special designs. Originating from originality and inspired by the cycle of nature, the craftsman brand runda goes beyond a jewelry brand, planting one tree for each product purchased with its nature-friendly, sustainable products.


Discover the Jewelry Revealed from the Harmony of Malachite Stone and Diamond, Stylish Designs More Than Each Other

Discover the jewelry that comes out of the harmony of malachite and diamonds with stylish designs. Combining malachite, known as copper ore, with the handwork and elegance of gold, it is now with you in the runda store. Combine sustainable runda jewelry with gold-plated diamond bracelets, gold-plated necklaces, gold-plated rings with your own style.

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