Discover the Runda Chloris Collection, Keeping the Energy of Nature Alive

All the flowers that color our lives in spring are the gifts of the fragrant goddess Chloris. Chloris exudes beauty, vitality and energy. The inspirational goddess Chloris is the herald of spring. Chloris, the goddess of flowers, known as Flora in Greek Mythology, is also the inspiration for Runda's collection of the same name. Colors that shine even more with gold become the complement of elegance with Runda. Let's get to know the Runda Chloris series more closely.

Composed of the Colors of the Soil and the Combination of Stylish Jewels

Earth color, which represents confidence and solidity, is also a friendly, warm and energetic tone. Just like the creative power of the soil on your stone, your creativity is triggered. It provides mental peace and relaxation. The Chloris collection, designed with the colors of the soil that gives life to the flower, emerged with the combination of precious jewels such as gold and diamonds. Inspired by the earth, the collection achieved a tremendous harmony with the colors of gold. You can complete your combinations with the colors of the soil and benefit from the energy of the soil.

A Jewelry Series Made of Flowers

We want to take you out of the cold of winter and take you to a fragrant spring evening with warm winds blowing. Imagine how enchanting the scent of each flower that blooms around you is, right? How eye-catching are the colors… Some are tiny, some are enameled, some are huge and fascinating on their own. Think of a jewelry collection that bears the meanings of the colors, scents and even the traces they leave in our memories of these flowers. Runda Jewelry brings spring to almost every moment of your life with its Chloris collection created with different flowers. If you want to add warmth to your style on a cold winter day or complete your summer combinations with chirpy jewellery, there are many options at Chloris...

Discover the Ultimate Point of Elegance with Earth Tones

Especially when we are alone with nature, we see that we have a colorful world that we do not realize in our daily lives. When we look at these colors carefully, we are filled with energy and we realize that life is a miracle. The eye-catching bracelets of the Runda Chloris collection, designed with earth tones, will both give you the energy of nature and blend perfectly with your clothes. You can easily use these precious jewels, where different colors are lined up side by side in harmony, to enliven your black or dark clothes or to complete your colorful clothes.

The Combination of the Leaves of Autumn and the Colors of the World

Imagine looking at the world from the outside. Green plains, deep blue seas, dark blue oceans, and white glaciers… Get a little closer and go deeper. The brown of the trees, the pink of the flowers and the redness of the earth are so eye-catching. This glamor and vitality is our inspiration. We brought together the romantic tones of autumn leaves and the colors of the world and added new beauties to the Chloris collection. You can create perfect combinations by carrying all the colors of the world on you. These colors, which will bring vitality to autumn tones, will also give you energy.

Create Your Own Style with Blue and Pink Stones

The blue color used in a soft tone provides spiritual peace and purification. It brings comfort and well-being, both physically and mentally. It provides a relaxing effect in situations such as stress and anxiety. The color blue, which enables us to use our minds more efficiently, also increases creativity. Therefore, it is even more beautiful to dream while looking at the sky or the sea. Just like the sky, it is also a symbol of eternity and freedom. Blue color gives you peace, tranquility, communication power. The color pink, which is in eternal harmony with blue, is a symbol of compassion and love. Relaxing and inspiring, pink also symbolizes romance. Invoking optimism, acceptance, inner peace, hope and unconditional love, pink energy is combined with blue, and its beauty is reflected both inside and outside. The Runda Chloris series, designed with pink and blue stones, will complement your style and life energy. Pink and blue stones, which will bring you a more lively style with summer colors, will also bring joy to your winter months.

Are Gold Plated Diamond Jewelry Durable?

The main thing here is the thickness of the coating and the setting of the gold. Jewelry coated with a thin layer of 24 carat gold, which has a high gold rate, will last longer and be more durable; however, a thick layer causes the jewelry to flake off in case of any impact. If you are buying a low-carat gold-plated diamond jewelry, it is not very durable either.

What Should You Consider When Buying Gold Plated Silver Diamond Jewelry?

First of all, you should make sure that real gold is used in the coating and you should definitely shop from a place you trust. Of course, you should be sure of the authenticity of the diamond as well as the gold. It is very important that the jewelry is harmoniously coated according to its type. For example, gold-plated chain jewelry should be plated in a very thin layer, but a thicker coating should be used in jewelry such as earrings or bracelets. Another issue that you should pay attention to is that the color of the diamond and the color of the coating are compatible. For example, if you are buying rose gold plated silver diamond jewelry, you should not choose a diamond color that is difficult to show itself. Light tones will disappear in rose color.

Which Clothes Are Compatible With Gold Plated Silver Jewelry?

Gold-plated silver jewelry is ideal for everyday use. If you wish, you can combine it with your stylish business clothes or with your casual casual clothes.

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