How Can You Combine Silver Bracelet Models With Your Clothes?

When choosing jewelry, you also need to consider your clothes. Because for a good combination, jewelry and clothes should be in harmony. Silver bracelets, one of the most preferred jewelry by women, adorn different combinations with their different designs. Women who are in favor of simplicity, simpler and stoneless silver bracelets; Ambitious women, on the other hand, can prefer bracelets with stones that stand out more. In addition, completing a simple outfit with a striking bracelet or completing an assertive outfit with a simple bracelet allows you to create a good combination. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Silver Bracelet?

When buying a silver bracelet, you should first check the setting of the jewelry. A quality silver bracelet should contain 92.5% silver. Silver setting is very important for allergic sensitivity as well as jewelry quality. Because bracelets not designed with 925 sterling silver may cause allergic reactions on the skin. To understand that a silver bracelet is of good quality, you need to see the number 925. Another point to consider when choosing a silver bracelet is where you bought the jewelry. Attention should be paid to the companies that offer silver jewelry both for jewelry quality and after-purchase service. Many points, from the setting of the silver to the stone used in the design and the craftsmanship, affect the quality of the silver bracelet. You should be able to get support for maintenance, warranty and modification processes from the company you bought the silver bracelet from. You should also make sure that the price of the silver bracelet is compatible with the sector. 

How do you find the right silver bracelet for your skin and hair color?

Your physical characteristics such as skin and hair color can guide you in choosing a silver bracelet. Because jewelry that is compatible with your appearance helps you achieve a more elegant style. For example; with malachite stones if your eyes are green; Even if your hair or skin color is dark, jewelry decorated with diamonds will look more elegant on you.  

2021 Silver Bracelet Model Prices 

There are many criteria that determine the price of silver bracelets: how much silver is used in the jewelry, whether the stones are included in the design or which stones are preferred, the size of the handwork... At Runda Jewelery, you can find silver bracelets with malachite stones in the range of 700-3800 TL, silver bracelets with diamonds in the range of 600-1500 TL, and plain silver bracelets in the range of 600-750 TL. Among these silver bracelets, you can find a bracelet that reflects your style and completes your combination. 

What other jewelry can a silver bracelet be combined with?

You can get a more elegant look by combining silver bracelets with silver or gold rings. The most important thing to pay attention to in this regard; bracelet and ring have a common design language. Thus, they can complement each other in appearance. You can also combine your silver bracelet with a stylish and stylish necklace.          

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