What Is The Underlying Term "Milyem"?

Gold, which has existed in various forms in people's lives throughout history, has sometimes been used for shopping and sometimes as an indicator of power and wealth. It adorned the heads of kings and took place all over the dynasties. For the first time in Egypt, gold, which was thinned and cut into plates, was used instead of money (coin). Today, gold has an important place in our lives both as an investment tool and as a jewellery. For whatever purpose, there are some similar features that most of us look for when buying gold. If we buy or sell gold for investment purposes, we look at the weight of the gold, if we buy it as jewelry, we look at its appearance. We cannot ignore features such as 14, 18, 22 or 24 gauge. But do you know what it is that helps us calculate the real value of gold? If you don't know, let's introduce you to the concept of "milyem" and take a closer look at the bottom. 

The Concept of Milyem in Gold Jewelry

Milyem is a concept we come across a lot when selling our gold. "Labor fee not included." Almost all of us have heard such phrases. When we buy a processed gold, we buy it expensive, but when we sell it, it is equivalent to a much lower price. The reason for this is that labor is involved in the production of the gold we have. There is not much difference between the purchase and sale of gold such as quarter gold, which does not require great workmanship during the production phase, but this difference is more in jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets. This calculation means that gold is calculated only on milliem. In other words, non-labor cost is calculated in line with the calculation we made just above. If we need to list the gold carat and milyems that we are most used to hearing and seeing, we can say as follows:

14k 585 milyem

18k 750 mil

22k 916 milyem

24 verse 995 has 999,9 million

How To Tell If My Milia Is Under It?

Precious metals, which are not found in one hundred percent pure form in nature, need different metals to be processed. Gold, which is 99.9% pure, takes shape with alloys and mixtures just like other precious metals. Gold, which is very liquid in its natural state, has to mix with other metals to solidify. This alloy is called unique. The resulting alloy from other metals mixed with gold determines the "temper" of gold. Has 24 carat gold is considered pure gold. Green gold is obtained from the mixture of gold with pure silver, white gold from its mixture with platinum and nickel, red gold from its mixture with copper, and yellow gold from its mixture with zinc. The unit of measurement that expresses the amount of gold in these mixtures/alloys in a thousandths ratio is called "milyem". If we explain with an example; "995 milyem" means that 995 per thousand of the gold you have is pure gold. 

How Is My Miles Calculated?

"Do you have to be a jeweler to calculate milliem?" We hear you say. Of course not, you can also calculate my million while buying and selling gold and you can set your preferences accordingly. Let's do a calculation together. For example, you have an 18 carat gold bracelet weighing 200 g and you want to calculate the milliem. Considering that pure gold is 24 carats, you need to divide 18 by 24 and multiply by the weight of the bracelet. It will result in 18/24 x 200 = 150. In other words, 150 grams of the 200 gr gold bracelet in your hand means pure gold.

"What's my mil?", "What's my 995 mil?", "What's my 916 mil?", "What's my 916 mil?" We answered many questions such as: As we get to know "gold" more closely with these concepts, you can meet the most valuable form of gold. Runda Jewelryof the sustainable gold chain necklaceStart your eco-friendly shopping now!

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