You'll Love the Runda Helios Collection, Bringing the Sun's Lights on Your Skin

Helios, the Sun God in ancient Greek mythology, is the symbol of light. It is depicted with a luminous crown. We were inspired by the energy of the Sun and the power of its god, Helios, and designed the Runda Helios Collection, which brings the light of the Sun on your skin. The effect of the sun on the earth is enormous. The existence and energy of all living things depend on sunlight and heat. Our bond with the Sun is so strong that every area of our lives is illuminated by it. Spiritually and physically, we are closely related to the Sun's cycle. Bring your magnificent harmony with the Sun into your style by meeting the Runda Helios series.

Discover Pendants With Floating Sunlight

We were inspired by the light, power and crown of Helios, filtered the sun's rays for you and carried them into our elegantly embroidered necklaces. Gold-plated Helios' light diamond necklace will reflect the daylight on your neck with finely crafted details. Representing illumination and guidance, this symbol will bring abundance and energy into your life. The Helios collection will allow you to feel the vitality created by the sunlight on your skin.

Get to Know the Energy of the Sun with the Helios Collection

The Sun symbol, which appears as the universal father figure in some traditions, represents life, vitality and energy. As a source of light, it is a means of enlightenment, both literally and spiritually. The sun, which is the symbol of time, birth, death, life, royalty and power, has been put in the place of god in most cultures. For this reason, in many religions, the Sun, which is seen as a day that allows everything to develop and grow, is worshiped. The Sun's powerful influence on Earth has been a representation of power and adorned the symbols of royalty. Discover this tremendous energy and power of the Sun with the Helios Collection.

Find Harmony Between Your Jewelry Like The Harmony Between The Sun And The Earth

There is an incredible harmony between the Sun and the Earth, our biggest source of energy, which supports day, night, seasons, vegetation, months, years and the existence of all nature. We humans are greatly affected by this harmony and we enter into an energy exchange. For example, in the summer months, we become more energetic with the effect of the Sun and we can benefit more from the aspects of the Sun that are beneficial for our health. In the winter months, due to the lack of sunlight and heat, our mood becomes a little more pessimistic, our movement decreases and we see low energy. Just like the creatures that hibernate… They also wait for the summer in a quiet corner, moving less and spending less energy, and they come to life with the revival of nature. Find harmony among your jewelry with the Helios collection, which we designed inspired by this wonderful harmony between the Sun and the Earth. You can easily combine the Helios series, which we designed using different symbols of the Sun, with your other jewelry and achieve harmony. For example, you can combine the Sun's Crown Sphere Gold Earrings with your thin gold chain diamond necklaces, and you can shine like daylight on special occasions.

Let Your Elegance Shine With Sunbeam Necklaces

Imagine the sparkle created by the sun's rays on the water when it hits the sea; or the red lights emitted by the Sun at sunset… We carried these enormous lights to our jewelry for you. We adorned the Sun, the symbol of rebirth and power, with the crown of Helios. Let your elegance shine with Sunbeam Necklaces from our Helios Collection and get a look as unique as the Sun.

Carry the Crown of the Sun in Your Jewelry

Symbols representing the sun have existed across cultures and continents for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Aztec, and Hellenic cultures depicted the Sun using various symbols. The circle, disk, ray, and crown were the most commonly used symbols, and these symbols, which have been used throughout history, have allowed the Sun to be depicted in different ways. The oldest of these symbols is the winged Sun symbol. It depicts a sun disk surrounded by wings outstretched on either side. This symbol was not only used in Egypt. It was also used in the Near East, Near East, Iran, Anatolia and Mesopotamia and had a very important place. The winged sun symbol was used during this period to symbolize concepts such as power, divinity, eternal life and spirit. As history progressed, the development of solar symbols continued. The Sun symbol we saw at the end of the Middle Ages was closest to today's depictions. A circular motif with a large central disk and undulating, radiating rays around it, this symbol was often anthropomorphized with a solemn-looking human face. Especially unlike the Moon, the Sun, which has always been associated with masculine energy, was often seen on heraldic badges, family crests and flags during this period as well. We, on the other hand, were inspired by the crown of Helios and carried the Sun and its strong rays into our designs. You can reflect this mystical symbol, which has been a partner in history, to your style with your jewellery.

Where to Buy Gold Sun Necklace?

You can find the most elegant designs of the Golden Sun necklace in the Helios Collection of Runda Jewelry.

What is the Feature of Sun Pendants?

The biggest feature of solar necklaces is the energy they give you. Sun necklaces, which will energize spiritually and physically, can be easily combined with any style of clothing.

Which necklace should I wear for spring?

You can complete your style with sun necklaces in the spring period when the sun starts to spread its light and nature comes to life. Necklaces with tiny stones and decorated with fine details will be in great harmony with spring flowers. Complete your style and be energized by the rays of the Sun with Runda Jewelry's Helios collection.

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