Reflect Your Style With Tarot Card Necklaces

Tarot cards, which stand out with their mysterious and mystical style, have been used for centuries for entertainment, divination and self-realization purposes. The origin of the tarot dates back to the Renaissance period. Today, standardized tarot decks are illustrated by Pamela colman Smith. If you are asking where this mysterious structure of tarot comes from and what is tarot; Let's get to know the tarot before taking a look at our collection of stylish designs. Tarot emerged towards the end of the Middle Ages. Basically, it refers to a game deck consisting of 78 cards. Today, these magical tarot decks are used for divination, as we know it, for fortune telling. Each card in the tarot has a different meaning, and the appearance of these cards in your horoscope allows you to make predictions about your future. The tarot, which is believed to enlighten people's lives, has also been used as a healing power in psychology. The Runda Jewelry Tarot collection, which we designed inspired by this magical atmosphere of the tarot, is also strong and beautiful to reveal your magical mood the moment you wear it around your neck. Now let's take a closer look at our collection and find the right necklace that will bring you luck, whatever you want to bring into your life.

Good Days Are With You Thanks To The Sun Card Necklace

The Sun card, which represents the light at the end of the darkness, carries the meanings of joy, success, warmth, happiness, liberation, light, positive thinking, exit from darkness, ending uncertainty, approaching the finish line, and clarification of a situation. When this card comes straight in fortune telling, it tells you: "You're out of the dark now.", "You're spreading joy.", "Bravo, you finally got it.", "Everything is under control now.", "Time to celebrate the good news.", " Everything will be so much better.", "You finally got rid of that big trouble.", "Keep up with this positive energy.", "All the question marks in your head are finally cleared.", "You finally got to the light at the end of the tunnel.", "This time around your mouth is in your ears, don't let the evil eye touch you." We wished that everything you wish for in your life and that you attain enlightenment, we designed the Sun card necklace for you. Wearing this necklace flat around your neck will bring clarity, light and hope to your life.

Wheel of Fate Necklace Will Bring You Luck

Opportunity, inevitable change, chance knocking on the door, making an important decision, getting caught up in a chain of events, continuing progress, change occurring, encountering different options, entering a process that needs to be determined, transition from a stagnant period to a dynamic period, change initiated by the upper authority. Wear the wheel of fate necklace around your neck and imagine that luck is coming your way. Color your style and your life with the Wheel of Destiny Necklace belonging to the Runda Jewelry Tarot collection.

Achieve Success with the World Card Necklace

The World Card, representing the happy ending, is a sign of success in life. You can achieve success by carrying the world card on your skin, which also means peace, happiness, beginning, graduation, completion, time to plant the seeds of something, being in the right place and at the right time. The World Card Necklace of the Runda Jewelry Tarot collection will bring you happy endings.

Let The Tower Card Be The Pioneer Of Your Necklace Change

The Tower Card means changing a deep-rooted and settled pattern of emotion or behavior, making a radical difference about a subject. If there is something in your life that you want to change for a long time and you cannot finish it, we choose the Tower Card Necklace from the Runda Jewelry Taro collection for you!

Star Card Necklace Be Your Guide to New Beginnings

The Star Card, which has a numerical value of 17, is the symbol of refreshment and relaxation in tarot. It has meanings such as inspiration, light of hope, farewell, acceptance, finding peace, renewed energy, getting rid of pain, purification and inner cleansing, and the beginning of the healing process. Choose the Star Card Necklace from our Taro collection for yourself and let the winds of change blow in your life with new beginnings.

Let the Moon Card Necklace Reflect Your Emotions

The Moon Card, which shows a tremendous change when combined with the Star card, indicates a period when you will face your fears. Feelings that you are afraid of or everything you cannot express will be healed with this card. Just as the Moon illuminates the places where it reflects its light, this symbol illuminates your life and allows you to reflect your emotions. Say hello to a period where you live even more freely and don't throw anything away with the Moon Card Necklace!

Question the Unseen Reality with the Sorcerer Card necklace

It's time to make your dreams come true! Now wear your Sorcerer Card necklace around your neck and dream deep. Pay attention to one thing only, and sincerely ask for what you want. Great beginnings will find you.

The Most Effective Way to Attract Love to Yourself Lovers Card

If you want to find your soul mate and find the perfect match in love, let's talk about a unique design: The Lovers Card Necklace. This passionate card, which means love, agreement, victory of love, mutual attraction, harmony, reconciliation and reconciliation, listening to the voice of your heart and meeting, will make you achieve your dreams.

Achieve Harmony in Your Inner World with the Justice Card Necklace

The justice card, which is the representation of divine justice; It has meanings such as equality, karma, balance, getting results, expected news, reward or punishment. Inner You can achieve the beauties you desire with the Justice Card Necklace, which will ensure balance and harmony in your world.

Monk Card Necklace Your Greatest Supporter in Your Spiritual Search

The monk, also known as the saint, represents the attainment of wisdom. The Monk Card, which has meanings such as being a guide to others, making peace with yourself in your inner world, and giving yourself wisdom to others, tells about inner peace. The Monk Card Necklace you will wear around your neck will be your biggest supporter in your pursuit of spirituality.

How much are tarot card necklaces?

You can find Runda Jewelry Tarot Card Necklaces with prices starting from 3.450₺.

What are the powers of Tarot card necklaces?

Tarot cards, each of which has a different meaning, have mystical powers such as healing, finding the love you are looking for, providing the justice you want, returning it to you and your essence.

Are tarot necklaces mystical?

Yes, tarot cards are mystical.

Are tarot card necklaces reliable?

You can safely wear your Tarot card gold necklaces, and you can find strength and healing with the special meaning you give to your necklace.

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