How can you find the right gold chain earring model for yourself?

Gold chain earrings, which represent elegance and elegance, were very fashionable in the 80s, but they have again become the favorite of the showcases in the last 10 years. Gold chain earrings, which have so many options just like gold chain necklaces, make the choice very difficult. Face type is a very important issue in the selection of this style of earrings, which have many models with and without stones. Choosing gold chain earrings suitable for your face type reveals both the model of the earring and your facial features very well. Wrong choices can leave the earring in the background and make your face look bigger or smaller than it is. "So what's the formula for that?" Let's answer your question right away.

Thin and long face types: If you have this type of facial features, you can choose long gold chain earrings. Earrings with balls or stones at the ends will both reveal your facial features and provide a stylish look with their fuller appearance.

Round face types: Round facial features can hide earrings. For this reason, you can make long, stony or even slightly exaggerated choices without hesitation.

Face types with a pointed chin: If you have this type of face line, you should make sure that there is a weight on the tip of your earring. Earrings decorated with stones or balls and getting heavier towards the tip will suit you very well. It will round your face by keeping your chin fuller.

Face types with a round and wide jaw structure: If you have a round face structure and a face that expands towards the chin, you should choose heart-shaped or gold cluster earrings. Thus, the upper part of the elongated chains will show itself more, while the lower part will make your face look a little thinner. It will multiply your elegance without creating a crowded image. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Gold Chain Earrings

When choosing gold chain earrings, it is very important for what purpose and how often you will use the earrings. If you are buying the earring for a loved one, you should choose the model of the earring according to his face type and skin color. You can choose rose, white gold or red gold for people with dark skin tones. Any gold color will suit this skin tone. If you are buying a gift for someone with white skin, you should avoid white gold and choose other gold colors. You can easily choose gold chain earrings with high workmanship as a gift. If you are buying gold chain earrings for yourself, we recommend that you look at the face types we have listed above. After finding the gold chain earring that suits your face type, other features to look for are the setting, craftsmanship and purpose of the earring. If you are going to wear your earrings all the time in your daily life, you should choose 22 or 24 carat earrings, not low settings. Gold chain earrings with a low setting have a shorter service life. Of course, if you are buying your earrings for investment purposes, the issue of adjustment is also important. If you want to make a profit, you should choose gold chain earrings with low workmanship and high setting. Gold chain earrings with a lot of workmanship are more expensive when buying, but they can put you in harm's way when selling. Since the labor share will be deducted from the price of the earring, it also reduces the selling price. For this reason, you should choose gold chain earrings with low workmanship so that you can make a profit when selling. The other issue is the purpose of the earring. If you are going to wear your earrings for a few hours on special occasions, you can choose heavy, magnificent, long and gold chain earrings with stones. Its weight will not tire you out in such a long time, but if you are going to use it as an accessory in your daily life, you should choose models that you can easily combine with any clothing and that do not tire you with their weight.

Gold Chain Earring Combination Suggestions

When you wear gold chain earrings, it is very important with which jewelry and with which clothes you combine them. If you have a gold chain necklace on your neck, you should choose a gold chain earring that is compatible with the shape and color of that necklace. A bold and spectacular gold chain necklace requires your earrings to be simpler. With this type of necklace, you can choose gold chain earrings without stones and quite short. If the color of your necklace is white gold, a rose or white gold gold chain earring can be your best complement. If you are wearing yellow or red gold chain earrings, you should definitely complete your combination with gold chain earrings in the same color. Let's come to the outfit combination… The best way to find gold chain earrings that match your outfits is to look at the elegance of your outfit. If you are going to an invitation or dressing for a special day, you can choose long, stone and thick gold chain earrings. If the collar of your outfit is closed, you can get a simple and stylish look with an eye-catching earring instead of combining with a necklace. If you are going to wear an outfit with an open collar, it is possible to complement your long gold chain earrings with gold chain necklaces. If you are going to use your earrings in your daily life, you can choose simple, stone-free and medium-length earrings. This type of earrings will help you avoid an exaggerated look and will not tire your ears.

Where Can You Find Gold Dangle Chain Earrings?

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